Kon Tiki 2 Rafts Set Sail from Peru for Easter Island

posted on November 1st, 2015 in Kon Tiki Raft Voyage

Kon Tiki 2 Raft Voyage

The Kon Tiki 2 prepares for its maiden voyage in the port of Callao (Lima), Peru

Kon-Tiki Expedition Raft Trip Revived with Trip to Easter Island

Oct 29, 2015

El Comercio

(Translated by Kim MacQuarrie)

(Note: I met Thor Heyerdahl in 1988 up in Tucume, in northern Peru, as he was excavating among the Moche pyramids. I spent about three days helping him to clear the site and he was a very gracious host. One of the chapters in my forthcoming book, Life and Death in the Andes, addresses Heyerdahl’s voyages and theories and also chronicles my search for the reed boat builder who built Heyerdahl’s rafts for his Ra Expeditions. I found him still alive and well, 82-years-old, and living in a village alongside Lake Titicaca. I also investigate whether Heyerdahl’s migration theories were ever substantiated. Much has been learned since his 1947 raft trip from Peru to the Marquesas Islands).

Enthusiasm reigns among the members of the Kon Tiki II, an expedition consisting of two rafts bound for Easter Island from [the port of] Callao early next month. The crew of 14 hails from Peru, Norway, New Zealand, England, Russia, Chile and three other nations and emulates the modes of navigation used by the ancient Peruvians.