Evidence that Incas Fattened up their Children Before Sacrificing Them

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The Llullaillaco Inca Ice Maiden with Forensic Scientists

(Above: Scientists examine a 15-year-old girl who lived in the Inca Empire, then was sacrificed and remained frozen for 500 years)

Incas fattened up their children before sacrifice on the volcano

The Times

October 2, 2007

Grim evidence of how the Incas “fattened up” children before sacrificing them to their gods has emerged from a new analysis of hair from two 500-year-old mummies preserved near the summit of a volcano…

The remains of the 15-year-old girl known as the “Llullaillaco Maiden” and the seven-year-old “Llullaillaco Boy” revealed that their diets changed markedly in the 12 months up to their deaths, shedding new light on the rituals of the ancient Andean civilization.

The research, by a British-led team, suggests that the children were fed a ceremonial diet before being marched to a shrine 82ft (25 metres) from the top of the 22,110ft (6,739 metres) volcano Llullaillaco, where they were suffocated or left to die from exposure.

Before being chosen as sacrificial victims, the boy and girl had followed a typical peasant diet. This raises the possibility that they were chosen from among the Incas’ conquered subjects and killed not only to pacify the mountain gods, but also to instill terror and respect for an imperial power. “It looks to us as though the children were led up to the summit shrine in the culmination of a year-long rite, drugged and then left to succumb to exposure,” said Timothy Taylor of the University of Bradford, one of the lead researchers.

“Although some may wish to view these grim deaths within the context of indigenous belief systems, we should not forget that the Inca were imperialists too and the treatment of such peasant children may have served to instill fear and facilitate social control over remote mountain areas.”

The two mummified bodies, along with a third belonging to a six-year-old girl, were discovered in 1999 on Llullaillaco, in northwestern Argentina, near the Chilean border.

All are exquisitely preserved, though the younger girl’s body had been damaged by a lightning strike, giving her the nickname “Lightning Girl”. The Maiden of Llullaillaco or “La Doncella”, which is considered among the best preserved of all Andean mummies, has gone on public display recently for the first time, at the High Mountain Archaeological Museum in the nearby town of Salta.

“Lightning Girl” was a six-year-old girl whom the Incas sacrificed and lwas ater struck by lightning

“Lightning Girl” was a six-year-old girl who the Incas sacrificed and was later struck by lightning

In the new research, Dr Taylor, his colleague Andrew Wilson and others have now examined hair taken from the Maiden and the Boy for isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. Isotopes are atomic variants of particular elements, and their relative abundance in hair, can reveal detailed information about an individual’s diet and where he or she once lived.

The study, which is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that the children spent much of their lives eating a diet composed primarily of vegetables, such as potatoes, which indicates a peasant background.

In the 12 months before their deaths, however, both children’s hair shows that they started to receive maize, which was considered a food of the elite, and animal protein, almost certainly from dried llama meat known as charki.

“By examining hair samples from these unfortunate children, a chilling story has started to emerge of how the children were ‘fattened up’ for sacrifice,” Dr Wilson said.

A scientist carefully extracts a hair from the sacrificial victim known as the “Llullaillaco Maiden,” a 15-year-old inhabitant of the Inca Empire

A scientist carefully extracts a hair from the sacrificial victim known as the “Llullaillaco Maiden,” in a labroom that is kept at a constant freezing temperature

“Given the surprising change in their diets and the symbolic cutting of their hair, it appears that various events were staged in which the status of the children was raised. In effect, their countdown to sacrifice had begun some considerable time prior to death.”

The hair isotopes show a further change in the children’s lifestyle about three to four months before they died, which suggests that is when they began their pilgrimage to the volcano, probably from the Inca capital, Cuzco.

It is thought that the children were given maize beer or chicha and coca leaves, both to alleviate the symptoms of altitude sickness and to drug them into compliance with their fates. Byproducts of coca metabolism have been found in the hair of the children, with particularly high concentrations in the Maiden’s. As the oldest, she may have had more idea about what was about to happen to her.

It is known that the Incas who conquered the indigenous tribes of the Andes chose the sons and daughters of local rulers and particularly attractive children for sacrifice. Some girls, known as acllas, were chosen at the age of around 4 and raised by priestesses. Some would be offered as wives to local nobles, others would become priestesses and others would later be sacrificed.

The two girls appear to have been left to die from exposure – at such a high altitude, it would not have taken long for children to die. Previous research, however, has shown that the Boy was suffocated by having a textile wrap drawn so tightly around him that his ribs were crushed and his pelvis dislocated.

The Llullaillaco Inca boy, discovered at 22,000 feet atop a volcano in Argentina

Evidence suggests that the “Llullaillaco Boy” was suffocated before being abandoned atop a 22,000-foot volcano in northern Argentina

Empire of the Sun

— The Inca empire began in the Cuzco region of the highlands of Peru in the early 13th century

— During the next two centuries the empire grew to dominate the Andes, including large parts of modern Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northwest Argentina, northern Chile and southern Colombia

— It survived until the 16th century, when the Spaniards arrived under Francisco Pizarro in 1532. The following year Atahualpa, the Inca Emperor, was murdered and Spanish rule established

— Inca religion was centered on the Sun god Inti, but the empire tolerated the many local gods or huacas venerated by subjects

— Though not as bloodthirsty as the Aztecs of Mexico, the Incas indulged in human sacrifice, particularly of children, in a ceremony known as capacocha

Some of the Inca burial objects found alongside the sacrificed Llullaillaco children

Inca burial objects found with human sacrifices

138 responses to “Evidence that Incas Fattened up their Children Before Sacrificing Them”

  1. Janey says:

    I can’t believe how well these mummies are preserved, especially the lightning girl. I’m not sure about her face, but her arms, legs, and feet look like they’re of a living person!

  2. Noeloni Bryant says:

    Does anyone know where I could find any information on these “Inca burial objects”? They’re so astounding I’d like to know where I could learn more about them.

  3. Melissa says:

    beautiful. I hope they allow them to rest some day.

  4. Jayzeerox says:

    poor kids… But nice pictures.

  5. kemmie says:

    It’s interesting – the two girls were actually given a drink that made them fall asleep – and at those altitudes, scientists guess that they never would have woken up.

    The boy, they later discovered, appeared to suffer a more brutal death – there are blood stains by his mouth that were studied, which also contain saliva – they think he may have been stabbed, and coughed up some of the blood as he died.

  6. Maria-Sol Mazar says:

    Let’s not forget these are children, what these images really show is the brutality they suffered, taken from their mother, being druged, bashed and left to die all for what? Ahh yes, religion.. we just never learn.

  7. Elena Womble says:

    poor kids, that’s horrible. Why would the “gods” want children killed on their behalf?

  8. harry potter says:

    i wonder who killed the little boy. i hope that guy dies.

  9. admin says:

    It’s worthwhile remembering that the biblical Abraham, who is an important character in the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions, was about to sacrifice his son before “God” stopped him. Human sacrifice was common among many ethnic groups, especially in eras when humans seemed to have little control over their environment. The Incas and pre-Incas–who lived in a land beset by droughts, El Niños, violent volcanic eruptions and deadly earthquakes–were no different–Kim MacQuarrie

    • Sylvia says:

      Yes but he did not do so out of religious or cultural beliefs, he did so because God told him to. God did this to test his faith and obedience to him. He passed the test when God sent a angel to stay Abraham’s hand.

    • interested girl says:

      Being a cultural norm does not change the fact that it is morally reprehensible. Drawing parallels with other mis-guided belief systems does not make this act any better.

  10. Hola:
    Felicitaciones por el articulo tan interesante sobre los niños incas. Yo soy periodista y escribo una novela historica sobre los niños incas, me gustaria mucho poder incluir esa fotografia de la DONCELLA en mi libro con la cortesia de sus autores. Mi obra no tiene fines de lucro y solo tiene un interes cultural como peruano que soy.
    Por favor les agradeceria mucho que me respondan.
    Lic. Francisco Mejorada

  11. plop says:

    Sure now it may seem like it was a “brutal” thing to do but back then it was an honour to be chosen as a sacrifice. Some were even chosen from birth and the parents willingly put them forward.

  12. Emma says:

    At this point, debating whether or not it was right is pretty much a dead end. It has happened, and not only that, but it has happened 500 years ago. What leaves a bigger impression on me at this moment is not the fairness of how they were treated, but more the fact that I am actually staring at a picture of history itself. I am not hearing it from other sources that could be lying, but I am seeing it *as it was*. If you look at these children, you see children from the 1500s that were just like our children today, but the difference is that they lived ages and ages ago. Their bodies and their faces are time itself captured and we get a glimpse into the real past. It’s amazing to look at these people and think that they were not created by man of the 21st century, but rather they were once *functioning human beings* that lead real lives. It’s just absolutely baffling.

    • Crystals says:

      From what I know, it was an honor to be sacrificed, unless you were a slave. They were drugged, with the same things put in cocane, to make them 1. vomit up anything bad 2. make them go into ‘happy land’ and forget whats going to happen. The reason why they were given a better diet is because if you gave an offering of a horrible, bad and without good blood child to your great God, possible of destroying the Earth, do you thing He would be happy? The reason why they sacrificed in the first place is because they believed that the Gods sacrificed themselves to create the Earth. Blood gave them life (in a way). They need good, clean blood.

    • Samus says:

      Yes. I applaud this so much. Exactly what I was thinking.

  13. johanna says:

    O.M.G! poor kids. how can parents how they would sacrifice the life of a child. didn’t someone know back then that it is called killing. why god wanted a poor child killed by their parents. that is so horrible.

    • No one imperticular says:

      Well, you see, when a mountain is very large, at the top there tends to be a lot of snow, and if you are dead you don’t move, hence their bodies were covered in snow over five hundred years so their bodies froze under the snow, preserving them. So they didn’t need refrigerators, it doesn’t’ take a genius to figure that out

  14. SOMEBODY says:

    Hi ,My name is —– whoever this person created this website is lying how do you know is real and i am from Peru and how can they freeze persons if along time ago there wasn’t refrigerators , incas exsisted over 1000 years ago, incas never sacrify
    childrens that makes me mad that everyone think thats true all this is faked.
    And they can’t revive person because THEY’RE dead
    A human body can survive up to a certain temperature THIS IS ALL FAKED!!
    they don’t know anything about incas

    • Sylvia says:

      It was common practice among many races in ancient times to make human sacrifice. Even the white race has done so in the distant past. This is not intended to slight any culture but to show how ancient people lived and believed. Yes, the Incas did make human sacrifice, there is tons of evidence proving this. This is not a personal slight on the Incas, it is the way it was back then. Don’t take it so personally.

    • Liv says:

      Dear ignorant person from Peru who says people couldn’t freeze back then because there were no refrigerators.

      Why are there snow caps on top of every mountain chain?? Because the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature. Those mountaintops are freezing. Any person left exposed for an extended period of time will be frozen and preserved.

      And the evidence is not faked. ALL ancient civilizations practiced human/child sacrificed, not just Incas. However, human morality and fortunately evolved since then, in some places.

    • Nobody says:

      Ummmmmm… Its called ‘sub-zero temperatures at a high altitude’, its called ‘historical evidence’, its called ‘they are NOT trying to revive them’, and it is called ‘sub zero temperatures KILL A LIVING ORGANISM!’

      Get an education mate.

    • hi says:

      They never said the kids were alive, they said that they were preserved very well. The kids are dead, just that they look alive.

  15. Michelleeee says:

    I saw this on TV and kinda got nightmares. I feel very sorry for those children. I am 16 years old and watch the TV program when I was 15 and I can’t imaging myself in the place of the 15 year old girl.

    For some reason I am thinking that the Inca’s didn’t have as much respect for the males than females because the boy wasn’t sedated hen he was stabbed but the girls had a drink to make them numb.

    I am very sorry for these children, especially the small boy and Lightning girl because they died the harsher death.

  16. shaninah ciara says:

    hi there.
    this is pretty interesting.
    im currently studying this at school in history.
    its very interesting and it hurts me to hear about the stories . it facin ates me i need to leave a comment . im pretending to be an inca child (girl) writing a diary about what happened back in the days. this will fill me in for my assignment. especially when some are chosen by officials to be going into schools. i am year7 and currently attending CGHS. thank you

  17. lupe rivera says:

    hey!why don’t we show George Washington or Abraham Lincoln in a Museum, just to see how they look back then. I don’t think people would agree with that and This is so disrespectful of the dead. If people want to see an Inca human just go to Peru and you’ll see many of them walking today.How stupid and ignorant are white Europeans. As a Chicano people need to start reading none eurocentric books and start reading Native and African books.

  18. Gemma says:

    @Michelleeee: The boy was likely wrapped to suffocation because he wasn’t responding to the drugs. Earlier investigations have shown that his clothing was covered in vomit laced with sedatives- either due to the alcohol he was given, or complete and utter terror, he wasn’t able to keep the sedatives down.

  19. Fargonebeyond says:

    Far too much moralizing going on here.
    We’re still killing children all the time.
    What difference the reason. Look at this link:


    As for Fake, come on, don’t be so ignorant.
    There is much to learn here if one is open minded and not so totally bound to their own culture and time. Please people, grow up. There may still be time.

  20. howdy doody says:

    first of all: @somebody: they died on a mountain top where temperatures were freezing for a good part of the year…it happens all the time on mountain tops, even today.
    Second, many cultures sacrificed children; even today (i.e. suicide bombings).
    Also, realize that these people, living where they did and when they did, would have seen a lot of trouble and strife throughout their lives and it’s not surprising that they would have thought of their gods as being violent and blood-thirsty thus requiring sacrifice of humans (using children is more brutal). And finally, they may have been told that to be sacrificed is a HUGE honor (again, think of suicide bombers: they kill themselves, while killing others, and think it’s a glorious thing).
    One last final thing: this is an amazing piece of history. They really do look as if they are about to turn their heads and look at you they’re so well preserved.

  21. wtf,this is totally cool, but a littlebit scary!
    sophia 13

  22. P. Hill says:

    @lupe rivera “hey!why don’t we show George Washington or Abraham Lincoln in a Museum, just to see how they look back then. I don’t think people would agree with that and This is so disrespectful of the dead.”

    Lupe suggests that ethnically European heroes would not be put on display. Surprisingly, there are many example of Europeans on display. There are any number of saints, bishops etc. in glass coffins particularly in southern Europe. There are a few curiosity locations where anyone’s bones which survived get put on display. The Latin American (Mexican) example Mummies of Guanajuato comes to mind where anyone from any ethnicity who was buried there might be on display.

    I saw an interesting example in Holland. During a remodeling of church, a grave was uncovered under the floor. The archeological find which was dated to late 19th Century was made visible via a clear bit of floor and a mirror. Thus in that case the bones of someone’s grandmother (maybe even a family still living in the area) was on display. Seems insensitive to many? yes. Based on ethnicity or race? Not as much as you might guess. There is a mixed attitude in modern countries which one can see in the attitude toward viewings are funerals, so folks do some do not, some claim their (Ethnic, social, religious) group doesn’t while the reality is less clear cut.

    I also am impressed by the level of preservation of the bodies.

    @Emma “At this point, debating whether or not it was right is pretty much a dead end. It has happened, and not only that, but it has happened 500 years ago. [etc.]” I wholly agree!

    @Maria “we just never learn.” Try not to be so pessimistic. I am thinking most of the world actually has learned. I’m thinking there is a lot less ritual human sacrifice than their used to be and that seems like an improvement.

  23. Kandy L. Emblevinsler says:

    I love to see bizarre acts of violence and evil. They remind me of myself.

  24. birdgirl says:

    Isn’t it grand to have choices? If you are in opposition to this site you have it in your power to click your mouse on the little x in the upper right hand corner of this page or click the “Stumble” on your toolbar and visit other sites more to your taste or education level.

    Fascinating opportunity to view history in 3-D, and perhaps add another piece to the human puzzle. Beautiful children with stories to tell. It’s tough not to feel emotional and not to judge others using our current values and belief systems when the faces of these children are so modern and life-like. DNA continues to blow me away, they were able to determine their diets from hair!

  25. Ryan says:

    Why so shocked every day babies and adults die horrible deaths at the hands up other humans, not because of religion that is just one of the many excuses we as humans use to justify our own savagery. It is even more apparent in these madern times look how much movies like faces of death bring in.

  26. Scott says:

    Perhaps they weren’t fattened for sacrifice. Maybe this was the fate of fat children who would put a burden on resources and weaken the gene pool and appearance of the tribe. Just a thought.

  27. El Kabong says:

    How nice of you to display my dead ancestors. Do you mind if I borrow your dead grandmother? I have the perfect place to display her in the corner.

  28. wow..that is just amazing how well preserve the body is..gave me the chills just staring at the photos alone.omg.


  29. jolene says:

    this is about ceremonial sacrifice. There are many cultures that have done sacrifice’s not only with children, but virgins, and animals too. The guy that killed the boy, did die, like 20,000 years ago. And as for the mummified remains, sadly enough, they will not ever be laid to rest, they will be kept in climate controlled containers and shipped around the world to be put on display.

  30. Lena says:

    I think that some people who have commented here haven’t actually read the article itself, but only see dead children. I personally think that the idea of human sacrifice is horrible -or worse than horrible- but I also respect the scientific advancements that the bodies are allowing us. It is still very sad.

  31. Jessica says:

    @8 harry potter: Oh believe me, I’m preeeeeetty sure the culprits have been long dead now.

  32. Thos Weatherby says:

    If only they had abortions, these children wouldn’t have to suffer.

  33. jr says:

    @jolene – the article says they are 500 years old. incas didn’t live 20,000 years ago.

  34. Has anybody filed a missing persons report on these childs?

  35. Courtney says:

    @P. Hill, I think you made a gross misinterpretation of @lupe’s comment. She was not implying that Europeans have not been put on display but rather, much like @El Kabong with the grandma comment, was using more familiar historical figures in order to make a point about the disrespect for the dead that has been committed by modern-day scientists in order to investigate history. She is not suggesting that they would not be put on display but rather that they SHOULD not be, thereby condemning all desecration of the dead, including the examples you listed.

  36. Soloflight says:

    Maria-Sol Mazar: I agree with you 100%.

  37. merlin says:

    There have been many sacrifices over the centuries. If a drought was emminent aborginal babies in various countries, would be smothered at birth to enable the living to survive and to prevent the baby dying from hunger. Look at the many put to death in the many inquisitions in the name of the God’s or God. The poor souls who were hung drawn and quarted in England. If you read the text it says (suggests that the children were fed a ceremonial diet) and (This raises the possibility) yet the following comments have come to the conclusion that it is absolute fact…..

  38. merlin says:

    It is important to also look at the positive side of the Inca’s. The population was 12 million people yet no one went hungry and no one was homeless in the Inca Empire. The state made sure everyone had enough food to eat and warm clothing to wear. It was important that people stay healthy. They were needed as workers, for instead of taxes they worked part of the year for the government..I think it was a great empire

  39. I looked at this article form a religious point of view.

    If the Incas religion survived up to now, would the world democracies respect ‘Freedom of Religion’? The words ‘Freedom of religion’ sound very good. Can they really be practiced? Could for example Saudi Arabia tolerate a Church to be built in their country, in the same way that Italy allows mosques to be built in Rome?

    To us modern people, human sacrifice seems barbaric. Yet among the Incas and the ancient Mesopotamia, including Israel, there is evidence of human sacrifice. Can we look at another culture and religion from the perspective of that culture, religion or time.

  40. word says:

    we dont know any of these ancient people’s traditions or the way their culture worked, it is not fair to judge them and call this brutality.

  41. Liz says:

    Other factors should be mentioned in regards to child sacrifice. There is another theory that the sacrifice of a child would improve or insure the health of the ruler, rather than to instill fear in the people. For planning such as change in diet and long journey to the place of sacrifice to take place, being one of these children would likely have been considered a great honor. Not everyone would have been allowed to eat the food of the elite. And finally, if these children had been peasants or from other cultures, it is not likely that they were from Cuzco. Cuzco was reserved for the elite members of the Inka empire, and peasants/culturally diverse members of the empire (Chancay, for example), would have lived elsewhere in the empire.

  42. Teaganofthetrees says:

    Ah ice mummies!! I hope that one day I can study and maybe even discover my own. ^_^

  43. Has anyone seen Apocalypto, I guess it gives a bit of possible circumstances of sacrifice death…but why going into into insulting discussion over historic discovery; human sacrifice is barbaric no doubt in that, but open mind is one of the factors that prevent barbaric sacrifice… so stop silly comments some of you and read the story again…

  44. it is still not right to kill for whatever reason - Buddha says:

    wonder what happen to their soul, do they transmigrate to another being – for this act, will they become a killer like the perpetrator or another victim again?

  45. Seaseal says:

    Some ideas for thinking about: we can look at the Aztecs, written up by Catholic priests as heathen brutes who sacrificed up to 20,000 captives (including children) in a day. This, of course, would have been impossible, throwing some light on why the *new* religion might gain an advantage by painting the *old* religion as evil or sinful.

    Some anthropologists believe the *evidence* of human sacrifice are false or greatly exaggerated–these were written 60-100 years after the Conquest. We need to keep in mind anthropologists are using *educated* guesses about both the Aztec practices and the Inca children; the evidence is not all in and never will be about human sacrifice or its extent.

    And, for non-Europeans, recall the Christian religion is based on a father sacrificing his son.

    Think about these ideas. History is always being enriched with new evidence. There are no final words yet.

  46. This is why people should stop having imaginary friends in the sky! (aka GOD) That way no children would have to be killed to appease something that does not exist. It is amazing how well preserved these children are, it almost looks like me, I could be one of those children. How sad to have to die for nothing at all.

    • Marisella says:

      Hello, this is for Helena Zychowska.
      Don’t you think that, also for the same fact that these children have been killed for the sake of God, God really exists? If He didn’t exist, this sacrifice would really be totally useless. But, because those Incas believed that there must be a God somehow, they got used to do human sacrifice to show God their respect. Yes, it’s horrible, but it’s all that they knew, and nobody had told them that there certainly are more graceful ways to love God. And even when they have been told, it was hard for them to believe it.
      The peoples of the earth are different from each other. Who is better? who is worse? One thing is sure: we are different. It’s good not to judge, it’s good to forgive.That’s what God does: He forgives. Maybe God sent the Spanish Conquistadors to the Incas because He was tired to see children’s sacrifice: He simply wanted to stop them, as the Incas didn’t seem to understand without a “lesson” from someone stronger. But this doesn’t mean that the Conquistadors were better than the Incas; they were simply stronger.

  47. Asa says:

    I don’t really see these actions as barbaric. I find them fascinating, to be quite honest. I’m sure if I was being sacrificed myself I wouldn’t see it as such. But @Helena, I’d like to say that children are killed all the time, higher being or no. I can appreciate the fact that the Incas felt they had something worth killing for. Admittedly, it’s unfortunate that their culture, as well as many others, found children to be the appropriate object of sacrifice.

  48. Heathor says:

    One person tried to pin this barbaric practice on religion, even though the article clearly states that these were the children of conquered enemies and were therefore most likely sacrificed for political reasons.


  49. Brittany Stump says:

    The reason why I hate religion

  50. Phil says:

    and this is supposed to be an advanced civilization?

  51. joshua says:

    …..ngoh my god..

  52. bombay says:

    These comments complaining about children brutality are awful. It was a completely different time, and place and being sacrificed was considered a great honor. Not saying it was necessary, or should ever be repeated, but you really need to take into account it was a different time, different place, and nobody had the knowledge we do now.

  53. Irene says:

    I reallycan’t believe these comments I am reading. Archaeology is how we see how we lived and what we did ages ago. We learn from these discoveries! It seems that a supreme being or beings have been a thread throughout time. Man has always needed someone/something to BLAME fo the day to day livingv of our lives . e.g. Sun god, moon god, river god,harvest. Etc. As new “gods” come into use, the “old gods” are retired and forgotten .

    DEAD IS DEAD! death is just a permanent vacation! The dead don’t feel anything, they are DEAD. the living have feelings and suffer when someone they love or admire dies. This is just my personal opinion .

  54. Karen says:

    I know these children died long ago, but I think it is inhuman to display them in a museum. I don’t care if it is for science or whatever, no human should be on display like that.

  55. frank burns says:

    Reminds me of children of Christian fundamentalists in America, who are hnot physically sacrificed, but have their will, brain and personal integrety systemattically stolen from them through a concerted effort of religious inculcation at home/Sunday school/Wednesday night prayer meeting/Boys Brigade/Awana/Vacation Bible School/Household Devotion Sessions/Release Time Classes, etc. etc. etc. They say it’s freedom of religion right? Not hardly. There is no freedom in that equation. Christianity fundamentalism should be something practiced between consenting adults. Other than that, it ought to have a brown, opaque wrapper.

    • Egor says:

      Thank you. You got this right, man. I haven’t met self created Christian yet. The more devoted to religion people are, the more influential parents they had in this matter.
      Everyone is right here. It’s all personal point of view. I think that these frozen children were rather happy with their roles, similar to priests today who scarify having children and sex life for something what they’ll never meet in person. Please remember, religion is philosophy not science. There’s nothing real, it’s all believes. That’s what killed those children.

  56. frank burns says:

    Hey Heathor, you must be religious — nice try, but like so many religious people you have tried to squeeze out in half-truth and innuendo. This was obviously done for religious belief, it makes no difference where the children came from. But of course you know that.

  57. Lindsay says:

    A lot of you need to research the Incas before you go off judging their culture. These children did not die in regret. To be sacrificed was an honor and they were pleasing their gods.The Incas were facinating and their culture is not something to be looked down upon.

  58. Sandra says:

    This is a wonderful bit of history from some very unfortunate events. Cruel back then? Look at what many of the countries do to people right now. Cutting off of people’s heads, Mafis executions, starvation, slavery, etc. We can say it’s a terrible thing but is it fair for us to judge without considering what some of our own countries do?

  59. Lauren says:

    These kids grew up in a different time period, a different place, even (metaphorically) in a dofferent WORLD. Of course now we think “Oh this is so terrible!”, “How could they do this to their children?” but the truth is-they thought that this was good! Whether it was a ruler trying to assert his dominance or a family trying to make their gods happy, it doesnt change the fact that they didnt see this as something that you ‘Can’t do’ or something that was ‘mean’ or ‘unethical’ they just thought of it as a part of life.

    And by the way @Helena religion is very important. mabe you dont see the importance of it, but its imortance goes beyond the ‘church social group’, it is the mere fact that those people beleive in SOMETHING thats important. Because without beleif in something, life becomes meeningless and you have no drive to live.


    • Egor says:

      How do you know? You sound like believer so probably you have no idea what meaning the life has without religion. I do. I quit religion. I felt like I left Matrix or something. Now I can think for myself and I see a lot of new meanings in life. By the way, believing is not religion. Religion for believers is like borders for nations. Religion is awful, makes people miserable and kills their children. For centuries or millennia it was used as oppression mechanism by the rulers. Good example is Christianity introduced in Peru by Spaniards.

  60. SamIAm says:

    A few have made the comment of it being for religion. Not that there weren’t religious beliefs back then, but you also must consider that, at that time, religion and life were one. This was a belief that giving to the gods, who controlled the weather, the growth, everything, would be pleased to receive an offering of sorts. It wasn’t that they believed they’d go to hell if they didn’t; it was believed they wouldn’t survive. It isn’t like today where we tithe because we are told it’s right. It was a much different life perspective. Humanity has come a long way, in my opinion; we only consider this brutal based on the present. Remember, hindsight is always 20/20.

  61. cathy says:

    With the exception of Emma’s comment on July 4, 2010 and a only a few others who expressed some inkling of intelligence, the majority of these comments are absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, people? Are you all really that ignorant? This is history, right before your eyes. Are you not amazed? Never mind, why bother to ask. This is our society… dumb as rocks and living so tightly in their own little worlds that they could not possibly expand their minds the in the tiniest bit to explore something like history. When the s*** hits the fan on the world, those who live in perpetual ignorance will be the first to go.

  62. Alice says:

    Hahahah EXACTLY what I said!
    @El Kabong
    Obviously they’re not related to you, they’re children, they have no children.

  63. Alazrielle says:

    @ Harry Potter: You do realize this was several hundred years ago? I very, VERY highly doubt that “that guy” is still alive. Ergo, he can’t recently die… And I am pretty sure that he’s dead already…

  64. Quer dizer que os Incas engordavam as suas vitimas para os sacrifícios,como podemos classificar um povo deste como seres humanos,a mão de Deus pesou
    sobre aquele povo,e eles foram extintos.

  65. Monika says:

    This is a very interesting article anthropologicallly, historically, and even socially, because all of us who read this article can see the growth and the regression our culture has experienced.
    Indeed, it is terrible that children were sacrificed. But I would argue no more terrible than current events and there is growth evident in the fact that this is no longer practiced as heavily. But, the regression lies in our reactions to it. If we cannot even attempt to place this within context, then we are surely doomed to the same fate as these children were, hopeless.

  66. Egaode says:

    Is it just me, or does the pick in the middle, of the 15 year old girl with “scientists” around her look totally fake?? It looks *way* too well preserved, even for a well-preserved mummy, and the guy in the front is brushing something off her dress onto a plastic sleeve with paper inside??? I don’t think so! Plus how could she be in the open like that?

  67. stas says:

    Yes it is a terrible tragedy – but the volcano gods must be appeased!

  68. Darin says:

    This is a reply to comment #13.
    Are you serious!?! Refrigerators??? They froze in the mountains. This is NOT fake. Also, the Incas did sacrifice children. Get a clue !!!!

  69. Dean Allan says:

    Do these Scientist’s really even comprehend what they have uncovered? Obviously not,they don’t realise that when uncovered,all hell breaks loose with our world as we know it. With that thought I would honestly feel subject to having bad carma for the rest of my life. Yes this is superstition,but stranger things can happen with the ekistics of these bodies,that were once worshiped as sacrifices to the God’s. If I were one of these select few scientists,I would run for cover. They must be having really bad nightmares,or even worse by now.

  70. dude says:

    If only Francisco Pizarro had been an archeologist instead of a conquering military explorer we would know so much more of the precolonial cultures. So much was lost when the hierarchy of Cuzco was decimated in the name of Spain and the glory of their power. Scientific opportunities like this are all we have to help us understand the past. We should be grateful and not let emotion cast a pawl on these types of discoveries. The Inca unwittingly provided us a time capsule of their lives. We should thank them. It is most excellent.

    • Pizarro is fascinating reads a book by Cortes how to conquer the natives and decides that he too will get his share of the loot. Surprisingly he did, you are right it would be fascinating if we knew more about their customs and culture.

    • Egor says:

      Pizarro was a barbarian who couldn’t even read or write. Lucky one, though. He didn’t destroy Incas, other tribes did. He only encouraged and led them to do what they would do at some point anyway. He was like Lenin, led the revolution destroying the whole culture in the process. Thanks god we can dig out a mummy once in a while to learn something new and see with our own eyes how people were living centuries ago. Incredible discovery.

  71. James says:

    If you are interested in ancient civilisations then you should read Atlantis to the sphinx by Colin Wilson. Or look on youtube.
    It is about the evidence that suggests the Egyptians and Mayans were refugees from a Atlantis. Hence the pyramids with the same height to base ratio as the earth. Also the Mayan calender, which is more accurate by ours to 3 decimal places, may have been inherited this way.
    This is a brilliant read and deseves serious attention.

  72. Melissa says:

    I simply have to cringe at statements such as, “I don’t care if it’s for science…”
    I am so appreciative, instead, of more thoughtful, less mindlessly reactive comments such as, “Archaeology is how we see how we lived and what we did ages ago. We learn from these discoveries!”

    Yes, we LEARN. LEARNING is more important than the false sentimentality expressed by those who label the study and display of these kids as “inhumane.”
    There is no harming these children anymore. The worst that could be done happened long, long ago. Would it be anymore humane to have left them up on that mountain with the rest of the world ignorant of the fact that their short lives even existed? Would these moralizing non-thinkers rather have their deaths be totally in vain?
    The value these mummies have to us in this time of the here-and-now far outweighs what really amounts to hysterical ignorance on the part of willfully clueless people who would rather we all bury our heads in the sand and pretend that we live in a world of only rainbows and unicorns.

  73. qwewer says:

    69 dude: Quite differently than in USA, the native Americans are still present in South America. Why don’t you go and ask them? If If I haven’t been misinformed they are those who you call Latin.

  74. This is a very fascinating story. I love the work being done here. It is a sad reminder of how children suffer though out all generations of man. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  75. Ironic says:

    They were preparing themselves for a ‘higher fate’ than the other children of their day by being chosen as a sacrifice. I guess they kinda got that by being around generations later to ‘teach’ the descendants.

  76. Kathryn says:


  77. lafsnack says:

    If these bodies have remained frozen to keep their preservation, how did the discoverers get them down off a mountain in a continual frozen state. How is it that the clothing looks so new and yet they say it is from 13th century. Even frozen objects gradually decompose. They couldnt be 700 years old. How could they remain intact like whats shown and to have been carried down a mountain without damaging or melting. It looks like a big con to me.

  78. Priscilla says:

    What incredible findings! Looking at these images, it’s difficult but amazing to believe these mummies are 500 years old and still intact. Incredible work you do. It’s a pleasure to learn from it. How old are the photographs featured in this blog? Are they from the original discovery of the mummies? I’m intrigued.

  79. daren says:

    Like many have said here reading this article is amazing and to the pictures is still yet even more fascinating. I swear the girl having her hair taken for a sample just looks like her head is down as she waits for instructions for a doctor check up.

    I find it curious that so many are willing to say that the dead shouldn’t ever be made available for the world to see. the desire to know how people lived their every day life is a part of being human. in some tribal cultures death isn’t mourned, but celebrated sorry it’s been a few years since i’ve looked at anthropology so i can’t name any. It’s human nature to be curious about other people and cultures especially from the past. No picture in a book or the internet can accomplish what seeing an object first hand can to teach anybody about the life, or history of a people. Anthropology/archeology is the science of people and their cultures and additionally how they change, or evolve. museums displaying remains of any culture only serves to educate and enlighten those who choose to listen to the voices of the past. as the article states these people’s faces are from the past and additionally each individual has their own voice with their own story that’s been forgotten. these scientists are simply revealing their story for the world to remember again. Is that really such a bad thing?
    To me it sound more like an honor, not a desecration. You’re story will be told to you and the world in this lifetime and some will remember, but they will die; and in time your story will be forgotten too.

    these story’s from history, as long as they are shared and listened to, will not be repeated again. What do we know that comes after death? that’s what religion is the human ponderings and philosophy on what is death, how to deal with it, and the moral code that all people of the faith must follow. Certainly this was forced on many, these girls and young boy are the reflection of just that statement.

    and to finally allow my statement to be finished i have no issue with the thought of being dug up 500 or so years from now only to be studied by anthropologists for data during the time that WE are all here on this earth for. my story will have been forgotten, like yours, but it will be remembered by those who study my remains. Again is that really such a bad thing?

  80. merlyn says:

    human is all ways insecure, to overcome he developed some beliefs of his own. killing is apart of life. whether as food or enemy . whatever it is,all animal kingdom does not surpass this attitude.Yes. but still i ponder about what is known as feeling mind, knowledge, rational thinking….the Incas in that time did in this way, we do it in a little more sophisticated way.survival of the fittest can denote and dominate…..Just put your mind aside……and keep justify yourself……

  81. Joe Klein says:

    Religion is such a great thing.

  82. Morgan says:

    Everyone who commented here on behalf of the “moral obligations” and “torture” of these children, you have made my day. To the people who feel they were ripped from their mothers, and felt terrible because they couldn’t imagine going through all this… You aren’t nearly as mature as these girls. They were adults the instant bleeding began, which I assume was before her 15th birthday. Everyone else, in regards to race and all that nonsense, thank you. Happy Easter anyone and remember that Jesus rose from the dead to save. RIP Incan children.

  83. SGenowski says:

    OMG!! I just bought one of the mummys off ebay..the one with the scientists standing around her. They didn’t need it anymore and were selling it. I will have to put her out near my pool.

  84. Leo says:

    Obviously, the saucer like shape of those plates are proof that the Incas where exposed to extraterrestrials and mimicked the intergalactic design of the alien ships onto their crockery.

  85. Nope says:

    Oh god. Some of these comments. I can’t stop laughing, but i’m also really sad for some reason.

  86. tomato says:


  87. Clemdane says:

    Mummies and preserved bodies from the past from all races and cultures have been put on display. The analogy of this mummy to “your grandmother in the corner” is absurd. No one on these messageboards can claim these mummies as ancestors unless they have had a DNA test. If you are the man 1000 miles away whose DNA matched one of these mummies then you can claim that, but I don’t think you are.

    The analogy to white Europeans would be, rather than anyone’s grandmother, the well preserved ancient bodies found in the bogs of Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia as well as Utzi the Iceman from the Austrian/Italian border.

    Lastly, due to our own modern ethnocentrism we find it impossible to believe that someone of another culture would welcome and feel honored by being chosen to be sacrificed. This is because so many of us see our current life as the important one and either don’t believe in an afterlife or have trouble seeing it as real and tangible. But it is well documented in many ancient cultures that people actually volunteered to be sacrificed. The afterlife with the Gods was much more important than the short fleeting existence on earth. Even children may have gone gladly to their deaths excited to have been chosen. We cannot apply our 2012 lens to someone else’s culture or state of mind.

  88. Steve says:

    Sounds somewhat like aspects of The Hunger Games.

  89. Roz says:

    Regardless of the motivations for the sacrifice, these children suffered immensely. As a parent have you tried taking a 6 yr old boy somewhere he doesn’t want to go? This kids had to travel for a long time with people who weren’t there parents. Kids have good instincts and know if they’re in danger. The 15 yr old was very unwell. The journey was hell for them.

  90. professional says:

    @Helena Zychowska, stop advertising your junk here atheist.

    • Proof how evil Christianity is, right from the Bible.


      3) More Murder Rape and Pillage (Deuteronomy 20:10-14)

      As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.

      What kind of God approves of murder, rape, and slavery?

      4) Laws of Rape (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

      If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

      What kind of lunatic would make a rape victim marry her attacker? Answer: God.

      5) Death to the Rape Victim (Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB)

      If within the city a man comes upon a maiden who is betrothed, and has relations with her, you shall bring them both out of the gate of the city and there stone them to death: the girl because she did not cry out for help though she was in the city, and the man because he violated his neighbors wife.

      It is clear that God doesn’t give a damn about the rape victim. He is only concerned about the violation of another mans “property”.

      6) David’s Punishment – Polygamy, Rape, Baby Killing, and God’s “Forgiveness” (2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB)

      Thus says the Lord: ‘I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives [plural] while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight. You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.’
      Then David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” Nathan answered David: “The Lord on his part has forgiven your sin: you shall not die. But since you have utterly spurned the Lord by this deed, the child born to you must surely die.” [The child dies seven days later.]

      This has got to be one of the sickest quotes of the Bible. God himself brings the completely innocent rape victims to the rapist. What kind of pathetic loser would do something so evil? And then he kills a child! This is sick, really sick!

      7) Rape of Female Captives (Deuteronomy 21:10-14 NAB)

      “When you go out to war against your enemies and the LORD, your God, delivers them into your hand, so that you take captives, if you see a comely woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that you wish to have her as wife, you may take her home to your house. But before she may live there, she must shave her head and pare her nails and lay aside her captive’s garb. After she has mourned her father and mother for a full month, you may have relations with her, and you shall be her husband and she shall be your wife. However, if later on you lose your liking for her, you shall give her her freedom, if she wishes it; but you shall not sell her or enslave her, since she was married to you under compulsion.”

      Once again God approves of forcible rape.

      8) Rape and the Spoils of War (Judges 5:30 NAB)

      They must be dividing the spoils they took: there must be a damsel or two for each man, Spoils of dyed cloth as Sisera’s spoil, an ornate shawl or two for me in the spoil. (Judges 5:30 NAB)

      9) Sex Slaves (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

      When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl’s owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

      10) God Assists Rape and Plunder (Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB)

      Lo, a day shall come for the Lord when the spoils shall be divided in your midst. And I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem for battle: the city shall be taken, houses plundered, women ravished; half of the city shall go into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be removed from the city. (Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB)

  91. Stefani Amancio says:

    In reference to what Michelleeee said, man were the providers and therefore that is why they have always been considered’leaders’ of society. But I think that in this case, these people had realised that women are creators; they reproduce. Women as women were not given any importance, but the fact that they could produce and were females would often mean that they were delicate. This is only a theory, but I believe that the boy was killed in rather a brutal way because he could handle it as a man, as well as he might have fought back. But for the women which the Gods had granted creation, they would have definitely done a more respectable rather than violent job. In Ancient history women were more often than not associated with the Gods as they as well were creators reproducers.

  92. Beck says:

    Amazing! Absolutely amazing. I find it easy to look past the circumstances at which these children died and look into the fact that they are history itself frozen in time. They are EXACTLY as they were 500 years ago. Not a hair out of place. There is no guessing, there is no we suspect this is what they looked like and what they wore. I am looking at the face of someone who may as well have been picked up out of the 1500’s and dropped in the 2000’s. Unbelievable.

  93. Rose says:

    Half the people who commented on here are freaking crazy… It all comes down to religious fanatics. If it weren’t for religion more the 75% of the crap that has happened in the years humans have been around would NOT have happened, and we’d be more technologically advanced by now.

    We should be learning from the mistakes others have made like this and move on, rather then coddle the ideology that religion is OK. IT’S NOT!

  94. Fred Smith says:

    What a scientific find! It is seldom that you can look at the facial features of anyone that has been dead for so many years. Modern scientific technique, coupled with modern forensics can gain so much evidence about the past. This rates in importance as the Copper Age “iceman” found in the Alps.
    Such an opportunity to glimpse into the past and see how people lived and died. The girls braided hair looks quite contemporary. A scientific find of great importance I would think.
    The Inca leaders were harsh indeed.
    But one should ask yourself, is it any less brutal and terrifying then what goes on in Iraq or Afghanistan? The Imperialism of the Incas, pales in comparison to the two World Wars we have been through.
    I wonder how our government will be viewed hundreds of years later.

  95. Jedaqia says:

    I’m from Borneo. My ancestors used to cut heads and hang it on the ceilings. It may sounds barbaric now but long time ago it was a respectful culture that shows the strength of each tribe and warrior. Even if a guy needs to propose to a girl, a good ‘head’ is like a wedding ring. We still have the heads. Tho we don’t cut heads anymore. :-)

  96. dbrain says:

    Ok, Ok, I get it!!!

    Someday i die after a well fufilled fattened life and then 500 years later, my great grand children digs me up and places me on the internet for the world to see.

    I like this article and pictures to a point but also i feel it is really not right… Give this kids a proper burial and let them rest in peace finally at least that is what i would want for myself after 500 years on a Volcano!!!

    Nice Article though 😛

  97. Bob says:

    Yeah sure, sacrificing children is pretty brutal, and most most people would assume that they did this for their god(s). But what about when they were killed? What about how they were brutally slaughtered in a mass genocide because europeans thought they were helping them because they thought being christian was right? When the “civilized” europeans killed EVERYBODY in the empire, including children who werent gonna be sacrificed. Think about it, who’s the brutal ones, the empire that sacrifices people, or the powerful “civilized” empire that killed everybody for religion, wealth and land?

  98. gudday gobb says:

    what? they thought by sacrificing fattened, young, beautiful kids will stop the volcanoes from erupting? stupid huh!

  99. Vivo says:

    Look! Of course a “white” person would be examining this poor girl who was supposedly sacrificed when she was most likely trying to escape the clutches of the European invaders who were massacring her people! Let her poor soul rest, you Europeans have done centuries of damage already, let her rest…

  100. Aix says:

    Damn! Poor Children! May their soul rest in peace. T_T

  101. Kylee says:

    Personally, I don’t think putting these children on display is disrespectful at all. It’s true that we can’t know what they would have wanted, but if you’re spiritual at all, it’s nice to think that perhaps they would like the attention and sympathy they’re receiving, and that they’ve left some kind of legacy, where they may have died in vain if they’d never been discovered.

    They have very sad stories, but that was tradition long ago. Every race and civilization has its deep, dark history; what was ethical and moral then is certainly not “right” in these times.

    These children ARE resting. Their suffering was done 500 years ago, and, depending on whether or not you believe in an afterlife, they’re in a better place. If you don’t believe in an afterlife, then they’ve gone from existence, also feeling no pain. Personally, I think they would be comforted to receive such sympathy from people who never met them or knew their lives, and glad to see that so many are interested in them.

  102. Khaled Al shami says:

    am i the only one who thinks they should be buried ? not preserved in some museum ?
    i just feel so sorry for thoes kids, not only they got sacrificed by there families, but now their bodies will have to stay in some box for people to watch


      No, because people have the right to stare at dead people all they want.

    • Lizzie says:

      By not burying them, we have a way to find out more about the past and could solve mysteries that are unsolved today. And, these are the most well-preserved bodies we have ever found, mainly of this ethnicity. :})

  103. […] via Evidence that Incas Fattened up their Children Before Sacrificing Them | Welcome to KimMacQuarrie.co…. […]

  104. david says:

    no one believes this EuroCentric way of thinking, it was the european who carried out the most heinous act of genocide known to man,it was the white who arrived and carried out a genocidic campaign begining, in the carriben, onto meso american then south american continued it in north america, into alaska and then Hawaii,they attempted to justify their atrocites by beginning sacrificial myths carried on by their decendants today, look at their hatred, it is evident by the rabid propagnada,each time their is a discovery they are quick to yelp, Sacrifice,this girl was just discovered unstuided and the rabid animals allready are claiming sacrifice.

    • Sacrifice is something that exists, but it should not and should never have been the norm, in any place of the earth or age of the history. Sacrifice is misterious…. Jesus KNEW that God had called Him to be sacrificed, and of course He was going to be sacrificed, because He was such a great Being, too good and beautiful for the world to take. Jesus Knew and accepted it, though not without great pain and fear, as the will of God in which He trusted absolutely and also trusted that the reward would be so much greater. After Christ, so many Christian Martyrs looked for death as the way to be re-united with God in heaven for ever. But in the case when someone else decides for you that you must be sacrificed, and worse still if it is a child that gets killed, then it’s different. I don’t doubt that those innocents went straight to heaven, but it’s amazing how ignorant their murderers must have been, thinking that you must pay for God’s grace through the sacrifice of a little child or any person. They must have been terrified people, narrow-minded people…They were so afraid of death and they thought that death, the death of a child, was the solution. They ignored that God is love and joy and child-like faith, and not fear. They had got accustomed to believe that that was the way to be. And what they did to those innocent victims, they had it done onto themselves by the Conquistadors some time later…The Conquistadors have been as cruel as them because they said they were teaching them who Christ was, but in reality, they just wanded gold and lands and they massacred the natives. You see? We are not to judge anyone, for we are all go wrong but we are God’s children and He loves us to bits and we should always focus on this love for it’s what saves us from all the stupid things that we, the whole humanity, do.

  105. Justjaney says:

    alot of you are debating wether its right or wrong to have them on display. first there’s a huge difference between my grandmother n these poor children from 500 years ago. IMMORTALITY springs to mind here. That doesn’t mean you actually live n breathe forever. it was what many years ago a lot of great, brave, clever and strong people craved for. not to breathe for ever but to be remembered for ever. for your name to be passed on generation after generation. ok these were children that probably just wanted their mother n to live to an adult. they sadly have a very sad tale to tell. they suffered. but they haven’t just suffered and been forgotten. they have our hearts and minds. I look at them n am grateful my children are living the lives they are and have never had to know hardship like they did. you wanna put me on display in 500 years knowing I will have people look at me n think the same things. people get a little bit of history out of me n knowledge then by all means put me on display (sadly I would create no interest n in 500 years will be forgotten). these children are dead n have been for a number of years. it’s history n there bodies having been preserved n put on display for a purpose is surely far better than them having the brutal death they did to be forgotten n discarded. they are in fact immortal. that is amazing. what we can now do in science is also amazing as is learning how things were then n how things have changed. these children have helped make that happen. god forbid anything happen to my loves then I would be glad knowing in 500 years they’d still be known n would be making a difference to someone somewhere. noone living knows these poor children so there can be no offence. they were preserved by nature. why can’t we just be fascinated n learn from these things without the do gooders finding fault. I’m truely in love with this type if history. you look at the children who look like they are sleeping but you see they have their story to tell. and tell it they have. like someone earlier said click the cross or go somewhere else if you find this inappropriate. thank god you are the minority.

  106. Justjaney says:

    can we all stop comparing which race or country or religion was more brutal or who did what. it’s history and each part of history has made is what we are and where we are today. each and every single race have done trebbile deeds in the past at some point. black or white Muslim or Christian American or Chinese. people don’t seem able to comprehend life as it was then. things were different people’s beliefs and ways if life were so different and their value of life is nothing in comparison to what it is today. but it is all our history. we learn by it, we take it on board, we become a little fascinated by it but its done its history it’s not the here n now. people have to always be on their moral bloody high ground. IT’S HISTORY.

  107. degaphysis says:

    your mum

  108. Lizzie says:

    How old was the boy?

  109. Vance says says:

    This is very cool but scary

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