Inca Girl, Frozen for 500 Years, Now On Display

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Llullaillaco Maiden Inca Ice Mummy

(Above: The 15-year-old “Llullaillaco Maiden” was sacrificed along with two other children on top of Mt. Llullaillco, in northern Argentina, at 22,000 feet)

In Argentina, A Museum Unveils A Long-Frozen Maiden

September 11, 2007


SALTA, Argentina — The maiden, the boy, the girl of lightning: they were three Inca children, entombed on a bleak and frigid mountaintop 500 years ago as a religious sacrifice…

Unearthed in 1999 from the 22,000-foot summit of Mount Llullaillaco, a volcano 300 miles west of here near the Chilean border, their frozen bodies were among the best preserved mummies ever found, with internal organs intact, blood still present in the heart and lungs, and skin and facial features mostly unscathed. No special effort had been made to preserve them. The cold and the dry, thin air did all the work. They froze to death as they slept, and 500 years later still looked like sleeping children, not mummies.

Mount Llullaillaco, in northern Argentina, had three frozen Inca children at its top–offerings to the gods.

Mount Llullaillaco, in northern Argentina, had three frozen Inca children at its top–offerings to the gods.

In the eight years since their discovery, the mummies, known here simply as Los Niños or “the children,” have been photographed, X-rayed, CT scanned and biopsied for DNA. The cloth, pottery and figurines buried with them have been meticulously thawed and preserved. But the bodies themselves were kept in freezers and never shown to the public — until last week, when La Doncella, the maiden, a 15-year-old girl, was exhibited for the first time, at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology, which was created in Salta expressly to display them.

The new and the old are at home in Salta. The museum faces a historic plaza where a mirrored bank reflects a century-old basilica with a sign warning churchgoers not to use the holy water for witchcraft. Now a city of 500,000 and the provincial capital, Salta was part of the Inca empire until the 1500s, when it was invaded by the Spanish conquistadors.

Although the mummies captured headlines when they were found, officials here decided to open the exhibit quietly, without any of the fanfare or celebration that might have been expected.

“These are dead people, Indian people,” said Gabriel E. Miremont, 39, the museum’s designer and director. “It’s not a situation for a party.”

The two other mummies have not yet been shown, but will be put on display within the next six months or so.

The children were sacrificed as part of a religious ritual, known as capacocha. They walked hundreds of miles to and from ceremonies in Cuzco and were then taken to the summit of Llullaillaco (yoo-yeye-YAH-co), given chicha (maize beer), and, once they were asleep, placed in underground niches, where they froze to death. Only beautiful, healthy, physically perfect children were sacrificed, and it was an honor to be chosen. According to Inca beliefs, the children did not die, but joined their ancestors and watched over their villages from the mountaintops like angels.

Discussing why it took eight years to prepare the exhibit, Dr. Miremont smiled and said, “This is South America,” but then went on to explain that there was little precedent for dealing with mummies as well preserved as these, and that it took an enormous amount of research to figure out how to show them yet still make sure they did not deteriorate.

The solution turned out to be a case within a case — an acrylic cylinder inside a box made of triple-paned glass. A computerized climate control system replicates mountaintop conditions inside the case — low oxygen, humidity and pressure, and a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. In part because Salta is in an earthquake zone, the museum has three backup generators and freezers, in case of power failures or equipment breakdowns, and the provincial governor’s airplane will fly the mummies out in an emergency, Dr. Miremont said.

Asked where they would be taken, he replied, “Anywhere we can plug them in.”

The room holding La Doncella is dimly lighted, and the case itself is dark; visitors must turn on a light to see her.

“This was important for us,” Dr. Miremont said. “If you don’t want to see a dead body, don’t press the button. It’s your decision. You can still see the other parts of the exhibit.”

He designed the lighting partly in hope of avoiding further offense to people who find it disturbing that the children, part of a religious ritual, were taken from the mountaintop shrine.

Whatever the intention, the effect is stunning. Late in August, before the exhibit opened, Dr. Miremont showed visitors La Doncella. At a touch of the button, she seemed to materialize from the darkness, sitting cross-legged in her brown dress and striped sandals, bits of coca leaf still clinging to her upper lip, her long hair woven into many fine braids, a crease in one cheek where it leaned against her shawl as she slept.

The Llullaillaco Maiden’s new acrylic chamber is maintained at 0 degrees Farenheit

The Llullaillaco Maiden’s new acrylic burial chamber is maintained at 0 degrees Farenheit

The bodies seemed so much like sleeping children that working with them felt “almost more like a kidnapping than archaeological work,” Dr. Miremont said.

One of the children, a 6-year-old girl, had been struck by lightning sometime after she died, resulting in burns on her face, upper body and clothing. She and the boy, who was 7, had slightly elongated skulls, created deliberately by head wrappings — a sign of high social status, possibly even royalty.

Scientists worked with the bodies in a special laboratory where the temperature of the entire lab could be dropped to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and the mummies were never exposed to higher temperatures for more than 20 minutes at a time, to preventing thawing.

DNA tests revealed that the children were unrelated, and CT scans showed that they were well nourished and had no broken bones or other injuries. La Doncella apparently had sinusitis, as well as a lung condition called bronchiolitis obliterans, possibly the result of an infection.

“There are two sides,” Dr. Miremont said. “The scientific — we can read the past from the mummies and the objects. The other side says these people came from a culture still alive, and a holy place on the mountain.”

Some regard the exhibit as they would a church, Dr. Miremont said.

“To me, it’s a museum, not a holy place,” he said. “The holy place is on top of the mountain.”

The mountains around Salta are home to at least 40 other burial sites from ritual sacrifices, but Dr. Miremont said the native people who live in those regions do not want more bodies taken away.

“We will respect their wishes,” Dr. Miremont said, adding that three mummies were enough. “It is not necessary to break any more graves. We would like to have good relations with the Indian people.”

Llullaillaco Inca Ice Mummy

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  1. cynthia oram says:

    The children must have been well loved, but I don’t think I could have [given one of mine to the gods]

    • dennis a. juab says:

      although, the discovery of those preserved bodies of children can enriched our knowledge in tracing out the history of human before our existence, but i suggest it should be buried in accordance with our existing norms since it was very clear on our HOLY SCRIPTURES that man was created from ashes and must returned to ashes after his death. we should not alter the natural process when a man will come to its death and return to where it came from.

      • Cat says:

        She’s not a man.

        • Adrianna says:

          Regardless of their spiritual beliefs, I am having a very hard time after looking further into these mummies. This article talks about how well they were treated, in fact, the second mummy to be scientifically researched had died of massive head trauma. Not just went “peacefully” to sleep after their version of beer. She was beaten, had her eye socket demolished and died from a painful injury. That in my opinion although interesting scientifically constitutes child abuse at it’s finest.

      • Li says:

        That is according to YOUR ‘holy scripture’. smh

      • Elena says:

        But she was clearly preserved for 500 years by Earth, therefore by God, and not one of these scientists have altered her. she never decomposed, therefore never became “ash” or anything else… how would you “Return her to whence she came” at this point? This is how she will be forever.

      • Victoria says:

        Keep in mind that they probably didn’t believe in the “ashes to ashes” concept. this girl was sacrificed in the era where the incas had their own religion and their own gods, and the christian/catholic belief wasn’t introduced until european colonization began. so if any justice to religion should be done, the best way would be to return them to their sacrificial site.

        • Nath says:

          I like your idea of returning them to their sacrificial place of honor

        • Tee says:

          I agree wouldn’t you be disturbing their beliefs! And their resting grounds! Maybe this just gave us a way to find the fountain of youth!
          But they should be back where their ancestors wanted them!

      • StayinAlive says:

        The scriptures do not say man was made from ashes. It says we were made from dust.

      • ancientsounds says:

        In response to dennis a. juab,you are clearly insane

      • Evolve please says:

        please take your religious absurdity and shut the f* up.
        your holy scriptures are man made and insane. there is no external “God”. please stop polluting the dialog. thank you.

      • Ryan says:

        I find it funny that people are talking about the “disrespect” of supposed “grave-robbing” while not talking about the disrespect, um no, CRIME of freezing another human being to death in sacrifice to an imaginary “god.”

        • Robbie says:

          Everything is “immaginary”. Everything you yourself live by is made up; your morals, your values, the laws you follow are ALL immaginary. It’s what we humans do. So we can drop that argument of what is or is not a “crime” in this case because it is nonsensical. This girl was sacrificed with great respect and according to all the rules that were in place at that time. So yes, “respect” would be to adhere to their immaginary rules instead of the immaginary ones we follow now.

      • Jaclyn says:

        That’s YOUR belief. Science has nothing to do with social norms.

      • Rae says:

        IT? You suggest IT should be…???? That was a little girl. Get off your high horse and consider someone other than yourself. It was their beliefs and customs. Not everyone believes in your God, and guess what! That is ok.

      • hajmanga says:

        I agree with you respect of dead persons in their burial

      • Jane says:

        That’s your God, not hers. Perhaps she ought to be put back on the mountain so she can continue to look over the people, as was intended?

      • Hanne Hansen says:

        plz only talk for yourselves, our holy -plz say my holy -we are some that think its rather weird to believe that the world was created in 6 days and only are 6000 years old – try to read more than 1 book – ty ..

        • arwa says:

          Like if she is sleeping

          try to read the explination of the holy Quran
          You will find the answer of any question about why God created us and what we should do in this little life and about the life after death


        • Manny says:

          Nice point. I love you :)

        • Stephanie says:

          If you would open your mind, you would know that during the 1st 7 days when God created the world, each of those seven days could have been a million or a thousand years. There was no concept of time during God’s creations.

      • But freezing is a natural process.

      • Amr says:

        they gave her away , but Alllah’s word is that she will live more than them all :)

        • steff says:

          why , whenever any scientific discovery is made, that involves another religion do we have to hear a releigious battle persue! allah this allah that , christian, cathoilic who gives a shit, there are no gods, be realistic! releigion is fake now swear at me or tell me how wrong i am , the article is a young girl, tragically sacrificed, to a non existent god, its not about you!!!

      • ada says:

        What ashes to ashes? that is so ironic.. just because you believe in christ does not mean that’s what everyone should believe in and go by. They were sacrificed for the gods..who knows what they believed in. Remember, religion was created by man to feel like we belong somewhere, to answer questions we could not answer until technology and science advanced.

      • Ben Phillips says:

        Christianity is one of the reasons these cultures were eradicated in the first place. If it wasn’t for catholicism the Mayan religion and the little we understand about it would probably survive today.

        • K says:

          Shhhhhhh!! You’re not supposed to remind christians of what violent, angry, self serving, hypocrites they’ve always been!

          • Stephanie says:

            -Ridiculous, open your mind

          • What's wrong with y'all says:

            I think you all missed the point. She was a sacrifice yea, but it was a honor to her, and the other two children, to be chosen. Every death must come with some pain, all religions believe your soul leaves your body. In the 1950s a child became a women when her menstral cycle started. My mum was 13 when she married. Today, we consider that child abuse. Though I am not a scientist, or a so- called religious fanatic, I do believe back then,from what they’ve learned from studying the inca people. The word sacrifice should be replaced with she went with honor to. She went willingly, that’s how they were raised . Just saying!

      • joe says:

        your scripture not hers !
        can you see other beliefs too ?

      • lol says:

        100% agree, she should be buried according to God’s law

        • Sue Sue says:

          Which God? Your God? My God? Her God? Should we have an international meeting, throw the names of all the Gods and Goddesses in history in a hat, and draw lots? Would you want someone else to find your dead body down the road and dispose of it according to their religion instead of yours? Perhaps they eat their dead or burn them, drop them into rivers, or put send them to space. Are you ok with that? Because that’s what you’re suggesting… burying this girl according to YOUR custom and not hers.

          • Mack says:

            I know this comment is a few months old but I was scrolling through and it bothered me. Obviously it would be according to her god, she should be put back from where she was taken from. All that person said was she should be buried according to God’s law. You do not know what they believe, what if they aren’t even religious? I’m not and I still think that the girl should be returned to where she was left. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that we are trying to learn more about the past, a great way is like this, but they were put there for a reason and the tribe who still is around would obviously want her and the other two returned.

        • K says:

          Well gee, here’s a novel idea. Why don’t we stop wasting research money for yet another museum, money making side show and put it to better use, trying to find a cure for any number of things killing OUR CURRENT societies, like, oh, maybe CANCER? or AIDS? Let the dead be. Tend to understanding the living and whats killing so many of us. Please, none of the tired, “we learn from the past”, no, we USE the past and things like this, for entertainment. Keep it real. Yet another museum gets a ridiculous grants, to keep their doors open and add yet another egoist’s name to their wall of contributors.

          • Naida says:

            We should learn about other cultures to find out what they believed in, what made their society, what we can learn from them and use in ours, and what mistakes they made to not repeat them. It is fascinating to be able to witness these children who were sacrificed (which might sound horrifying to us, but for them it was a great honor) in their fullest, like if nature preserved them for us to see them. Even though, I agree they should be back to where they were taken from and let them rest there in peace, where they were meant to be. And I don’t understand how a religious battle started here, but it is absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if we are Muslims or Christians or Atheists or whatever is your belief. This has nothing to do with religion. This is about an older civilization that had way different beliefs than ours today and to try to make fit our religions into it is like trying to make a mammoth eat what elephants today eat. The environment and era are completely different.

      • Manuel G. Bayug Jr. says:

        Yes! I’m agree to what had been written in the” HOLY SCRIPTURE”, but we can’t deny that people now a days is doing whatever the things make them recognize and happy.

      • MichelleChefNYC says:

        Typical smug and obnoxious christian view. This girl has NOTHING to do with your current beliefs. This is about science, not your personal belief system. They are studying this incredibly well preserved mummy to try and learn all they can about people at that time and their links to our current history and our possible future. Even if you want to make an argument to giving her a proper place of rest, it shouldn’t be via “our existing norms” as she was not a christian, jew or muslim and current religious norms are irrelevent to her. She was an Inca, and their rituals involved slaughtering children for the sake of their gods. Religion is a personal belief, not a fact, and you have alot of nerve to make such an assertion. What makes you think that your values are any more meaningful than any other. Additionally, if you are going to force the god issue, maybe it was “god” who intervened in her decaying process to allow us to have such a perfectly preserved specimin to study. Did you ever think of that?

      • chevy says:

        Not everybody believes what you believe. Just because your holy scriptures say we must be buried doesnt mean these people believe the same so no, they dont have to adhere to YOUR existing norm and you shouldnt press that upon people either. This is for science, the scientific community were the ones that found her and they are keeping her preserved perfectly. I say thanks to them for the marvelous insight to incan culture it is awesome. But no, just because you believe they should be buried doesnt mean its right.

      • Heather says:

        I think religion should be left out of it! It was, after-all, someone’s religious beliefs that brought this poor child an early death! Appreciate this amazing scientific discovery!

      • siobhàn says:

        As an archaologist, I think putting her on display honours her people and allows others to learn. I am Roman Catholic, but i cannot allow my own beliefs to interfere with my profession. I have noted a lot of people putting this down…blinded by their beliefs and perhaps not in a profession that is either historical, archaeological or anthropological. So, I would just ignore those that do not understand. Well done!

      • to all says:

        I feel sorry for all the people who posted about being anti-religious. If you dont agree then you dont agree, but dont bash what other proplr believe in. You dont have to believe, but when people are actively being anti-god i feel sorry for those people. Id rather live in a world where people believe in faith and have morals (which are not scientifically proven to exist) than a world with people who dont believe in anything. I love Jesus. Period. So get over it and live your own life.

    • Debra says:

      I want to say thank you for bringing this amazing find to life. I am enthralled by how much knowledge we can gain from the past and how and why a people and culture lived as they did. I would imagine it also helps us gain some insight into preservation and the circumstances that create this dynamic, There is so much to learn and be understood and all knowledge can be used to create a better future or help answer problems we have not yet encountered. I hope to have the opportunity to view this beautiful five hundred year old child personally one day.

    • Mary says:

      why would they put her in a museum she needs to be buried

    • Maleah says:

      Well, my mother would not give me or one of my three little sisters and my soul would feel hurt, not honored. But, you are right. And I would be playing the computer or reading a book, but I have homework to do on the Incas. These children, I imagine, were deeply loved, as you said, but, yes. Well, I have to do my homework.
      (There were only two people to do Inca, and I was one of them.)

  2. Jessica C. says:

    This is the most amazing thing in the world. We learn in school about all these people and cultures that existed before our time and it’s great. But when you get something like this kind of proof, it’s so exciting you want to learn more.

    • kaylynn says:

      yeah i agree with you ! yeah its sad they died like that but hey were learning something about it and at least its not one of us. so just be glad your learning about instead of beining the one sitting in the jar!!!!

  3. Rachel B. says:

    I always thought the Incas were so interesting! This is amazing!!! Unfortunatley, I think it’s kind of disrespectful to put these ancient people on display, even if it is only a few.

    • kaylynn says:

      yeah it is rude to them in that jar instead of baring them. or why didn’t they just leave them were they found them. how disrespectful!!! if i found them i ether wouldn’t have bothered them your just help them to peace and bery them!!

  4. Casey says:

    It is amazing how well preserved these kids are! Even after five hundred years. I disagree, without them being put on display people would never have the opportunity to discover natures’ wonder! It is amazing how some one from 500 years ago still looks intact as to someone who is five years old.

    • Sue Sue says:

      If it helps to think of it this way, you can… This girl achieved a place of honor among her people and her spirit still overlooks all the descendents of her people. Her body has achieved a place of honor among our people and is being kept (as much as possible) in its original state. We look to her for knowledge of the past and treat her as a guide to knowing more about her people. She is honored twice for her sacrifice.

  5. Michelle says:

    I find the Incan civilization was interesting. My ancestry comes from Argentina, both from the Natives, the Spaniards and the Italians. I think however, that child sacrifice in any form is evil. You can put whatever name on it that you want, but in the end it is still murder-despite people thinking it is holy. I feel terrible for these little children, they had their whole lives ahead of them to find happiness and joy. I don’t agree with my ancestor’s foolishness.

    • Michael says:

      Ever wonder why the Incas civilization perish or disappear? I am sure that in someway their human sacrifices had a major effect on their fall.. It is against God’s will..

      By doing something that evil, cause them their whole civilization.. like sodom and gomora.


      • John says:

        You’re imposing a Christian God belief system on these people. They did not believe in the Christian God, and therefore, did not sin in any way. Christianity is one of MANY religious belief systems, and no one can say one is right and the other is wrong. It’s all based on perspective and individual realities. In your reality, Christianity is right. In the Inca reality, they never heard of Christianity or the Christian God. It’s unfortunate, however, that Christianity was the main cause of the demise of their culture. Interesting how the Spanish obliterated their society in the name of Christianity. Just an enlightened perspective!

        • Li says:

          *standing ovation* – couldn’t have put it any better, bravo :)

        • Tatu says:

          ” It’s unfortunate, however, that Christianity was the main cause of the demise of their culture. Interesting how the Spanish obliterated their society in the name of Christianity. Just an enlightened perspective! ”

          Yes, and They where not the only one culture… who ended in the name of Christianity…. Let’s not go in the Christianity history… there is more then cruel proof of the religion… as well but in always the human who is cruel. No matters from which religion .. just look deep inside today’s society …. Life is not anymore respected. Who is cruel… we not able to respect our own planet….or nature…

        • Janis Stovall says:

          I love your comment. Can I share a view for your debate? You seem like the kind of person that can handle what im about to tell you. First, let me introduce myself, I am Janis, an Adult Indigo . I hope you have heard of us. The girl Inca is associated with my existence in some way. Today 9-20-12 i have read this the first time. I told close friends some months ago I had a vision to go to the highest mtn. I thought it was my death, but it’s not it’s the children taken that are now on exhibit. They have to stop this. I am starting the process to return them. Petitions whatever they must be returned…….

          • whelma lozada says:

            i agree with you janis stovall. in my own opinion, we have to respect their religion as well as the dead ones. we might as well pray for them.

        • Victoria says:

          YES! Thank you John! Very well put! I was thinking the exact same thing and I was about to post something about that and then I read your post! bravo :)

        • julie says:

          You got it right John, the atrocities that have been committed in the name of christianity, and the civilisations lost is appalling.
          Oh yes the god would not want this argument, hmmm so god wanted all those pagans slaughtered in europe, and every other crime that was committed by the christian church was god’s will ?

          Just love how those christians like to impose their beliefs onto other people who DO NOT want them.
          Believe in your religion if you want, but let others follow whichever religion they choose without persecution.

          I myself feel sorry for the kids, and the future they might have had. I’m also in two minds about removing them from the burial site. It’s fascinating to see, but why not let them rest in peace ?

        • Timm says:

          Well said

        • Jenna says:

          Couldn’t have said that better myself if I’d tried. I’m sitting her groaning and rolling my eyes because so many here are attributing Christianity and “GOD” on this culture, when it was THAT very thing that was the biggest contributing factor to their demise. Well said. :) These children come from an ancient race of people considered to be “heathens”. Yes, it is sad that they were children and they were sacrificed, but you have to stop and put yourself in their place. It was a great honor to be chosen as a sacrifice to the gods. Yes, they were truly loved, worshiped even, they were also treated as if they were a God/Goddess among mere mortals. They were sacrificed to return them to their celestial home. Don’t be a typical Christian and impose YOUR beliefs on a culture that did not even know of them, let alone believe in them.

          • Stephanie says:

            I’m a Christian and that has nothing to do with what I have to say. ANY HUMAN BEING knows that it is wrong to make a child suffer. If you don’t feel horrible for killing your child then you have no conscience and you are mentally ill. I’m talking about being a human. It hurts to see someone suffer, especially a child. Stop talking about religion and focus on the real issue at hand. Children should not be murdered. It was NOT OKAY for this to happen to 3 innocent children!

        • Lina Salim says:

          Well said, I totally agree with you.

        • Connie says:

          Well Spoken !

          My other thoughts are of sympathetic nature, My heart wishes I could free them from the “Glass Zoo Cage”.
          I can understand the concept of a bit of careful study, but after that they need to be returned to their resting place and protected there of by those who brought attention to their tomb.

          These are not Archeological objects these are human beings. Past all religious thoughts they are human beings.
          Who wants to be displayed after they die?
          No matter what the title you label the finders and keepers ,it is still grave robbery.
          And just who funds the new glass display cage?
          Shame to disgrace this young girl. There is nothing more to learn . A Photo for display is all one really needs and the Studies were done. Take her back now. No reason to keep her, except for someones Else’s gain. I bet she makes a nice attraction if nothing else a calling card for the museum.

          Let her be returned.

          • Connie says:

            I want to say something to you Christians in the nicest but possible way. You all are so mind bent on how horrible it is that the Inca religion was practicing sacrifice. and how horrible it was you say, for a mother to let her child be sacrificed.
            Well I say start questioning your own thoughts and beliefs you were taught. Listen…… hear yourselves……

            It is your God that sacrificed his Only Son freely so he would not murder you. He looked at his children as worthless sinners unless they got their blood spilled in sacrifice. Your religion was built on sacrifices. even innocent animals were sacrificed.
            Question your mind frames…. where is the sanity? There isn’t any sanity.

          • Connie says:

            Someday all the Christians will be the Archeological find and displayed disgracefully and people will say how ignorant they were. And how heartless there God was to require his sons blood and all the people who died, tortured and was mutilated for the cause. They are taught fear to question common sense.

        • Yanna Yen says:

          It’s unfortunate that most of us here fail to see the facts for what they are – Three children were led to their horrible deaths, made to freeze to death in small niches, after being beaten, with the poor excuse of appeasing a god! What was their crime? being healthy, juvenile and gullible? If this isn’t murder most foul then what is? And the practice had being going on for centuries, before the Europeans put an end to it, and gave families and little children the right to live in peace, in their communities. However, it is beautiful how their bodies are well preserved, and in some way live to tell the tale of the horrible practices of their culture… I hope no part of humanity ever returns there… while we realize that we have the choice of being civilized today.

    • Lilvelvettj says:

      I agree with what Michelle said on June 3, 2009 at 9:05 pm. I watched the documentary in UK some time last year and found it disturbing & upsetting. I don’t know how any mother in those days found the courage from their priests reassurances & their faith & beliefs to summon up tht strength to walk hundreds of miles and place theirs children as gifts to the gods.

      I would have been howling, screaming & crying, scrambling & digging to get my children out.

      Obviously this being 500 years ago it wasn’t seen as murder in their tribe. If it had happened among English Catholics or Protestants during King Henry Viii’s reign in the Uk which was 500 years ago now, It would have been a very different story.

      I still can’t believe that those poor children didn’t die trying trying to get out! How on earth did they train them to sit there and die!?

      • Katie says:

        They didn’t try to run and escape because they believed their tribe would suffer if they didn’t do what they were told. Would you not let yourself be killed if you knew, beyond doubt, that it would save the lives of everyone you care about?

      • Rachel says:

        they were drugged before placed inside their graves by the elders

    • Sue Sue says:

      Yes, I’m sure being colonized by outsiders and forced into their belief systems and cultural attitudes would have been much better for the young lady. Perhaps she could have lived long enough to mother children for the slave trade. Or she could have been raped to death by foreign conquerors. The options for her were endless. Face it, you may not like what the Incas did (and neither do I), but you can’t impose your 21st century ideas onto the past. It just doesn’t work that way. You can’t change the way they lived, nor should you be embarrassed by it. It was their faith. Their beliefs were strong enough to convince them that this child would be eternally honored for her sacrifice. Seen in that light she was very fortunate. Her death is a historical and cultural fact, not an object for debate over good and evil. The debate over whether she should be displayed or placed back in her original grave is a valid ethical debate.

  6. Gia says:

    I agree with Michelle. It horrifies me everytime I think of these beautiful children being murdered. I don’t believe they died without pain. Try to stay on top of a mountain for few hours and see how you’ll suffer. I think they woke up after few hours from the effect of the beer and leaves, then died because of suffocation or lack of oxygen. See? They still suffered.

    • John says:

      I honestly doubt they ever woke up. The alcohol would have kept them, in a sense, anesthetized long enough for the low oxygen level to further anesthetize them. I think, if they had woken up, they would have been found in a much more panicked state. They appear, if I may use the word, serene, and I doubt that would have been the case if they had woken up.

  7. Reika76 says:

    Really, there was no pain, they shift from sleep to death.

  8. Cinnabon says:

    Being sacrificed is an honor? They not suffering? I agree with Gia. I think that’s exactly what happened. I think the six year old girl went outside, got struck by lightning, or some where near lightning, then went back to the other kids. Either way the kids physically suffered.

  9. Clifford says:

    Assuming these children died from exposure (and a medical exam should tell us that), then, yes, they were murdered… sacrificed or not.

    Yet, they were part of a culture that was foreign to our “modern (21st century) culture. And, in most respects, a culture that no longer exists, no-thanks to the European Conquerors. And, it is beyond me to judge their culture. Truthfully, the people of my own culture have committed far greater atrocities, and many of us reap benefits from those actions today.

    The decision for the display should be left to their closest relatives, and the current local government.

    However, let them be given the immortality of a second life… to be seen as who the are, or were, and to live to represent their people… and to outlive those priests who locked them away… rather than being locked in a freezer for all of eternity, or locked on a frozen mountain peak in a cold, dark tomb where they were essentially buried alive.

    • kunwil says:

      There was no statute for the offence of murder in Argentina 500years ago.In fact there was no Argentina 500 years ago. Everyone involved in their sacrifice or “murder” is dead. The “murderers” were known to the authorities and were not convicted or even put on trial. Hey maybe they were sacrificed later for some other reason. They didn’t have facebook, my space, twitter, yahoo can’t judge your opinions of their lives by the times we live in, except to say we are living better now than then.

  10. Abbie says:

    I think it is awesome to see this great history of the Incas; yes they may be murdered, but think if they hadn’t been murdered we wouldn’t be able to study them, I think it is great they’re on display.

  11. this is amazing to see what people did and their culture is very interesting

  12. Stu says:

    Watched this doco last night on the ABC, can you imagine a child of that age as in modern times walking over 1000 miles to Mt. Llullaillco with a Bronchial infection, sinisitus, and the symptoms of altitude sickness, then have to climb 22.000 Ft to the summit? how many times do you think you would of heard the words “are we there yet” muttered?

  13. ricky bondie says:

    i feel very sorry for that poor indian girl and i dont even know who would leave their kid on a mountain

  14. Jaden says:

    This Little Inca Girl is really starting to scare me! But she looks like gold. I would never stick a dead person (little girl) in a freezer! Ecspecially if she still has her organs in! :p

  15. May says:

    I think the Inca children are amazing, but I am utterly horrified at the sacrifices that were made long time ago. How could they be so heartless and destroy children’s lives even if they do believe they go to the god and become angels.Why couldn’t they just leave them to live their life rather than killing them. Its so infuriating.

  16. andie says:

    i think this is an amazing find, i’m 15 myself and have studied almost everything there is to know about the inca and the egyptians. this form of scarifice wasn’t one that was to represent suffering. the inca wanted these children to become gods messengers. it was one of the upmost religious blessings of their time. i’m amazed at how beautiful she is. her arms are so perfect they look like you could touch them and heat would radiate off of them. beautiful.

  17. Jordyn says:

    wow she is cool. I am doing an social studies project at school on the incas and I think that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. andie12 says:

    Why must everything be human sacrifice with whites, maybe they just got lost, it happens…people still get lost today in mountains and freeze to death.

    • kkk says:

      Could you be any more racist with that comment?

    • D says:

      because they are dressed in clothing that was typical for sacrifices at that time? because they have doctorates in their field and know what they are talking about? does this comment assume that all archaeologists are white? who is the racist one now?

  19. Kela says:

    It is so amazing how well preserved she is. She is so perfect it scares me. We were learning about the Incas in school and I never cared but now that I look at this article… wow. I really wish I could see this exhibit.

  20. Tim says:

    Just because it was considered a blessing it doesn’t mean it really was. There is such a thing as truth and by that these kids died for no reason. They were human, they were lied to, they were used and mistreated, and the only thing one could be amazed at is the evil that was done to them. A civilization that sacrifices their children for whatever reason is rightfully judged (must be judged, in fact), including our own. Should we put aborted babies put on display, too?

    • Tatu says:

      And then again.. Good morning…
      I would like to know…what that Inca civilisation thinking about today’s mothers who sacrifice they child.. Don’t wanna know the number of aborted child /day? or even hour? is incredible … and they not get such a fancy preparation for travel to heaven..they rip a part alive before they even have a chance to see the world.. ” with joy and happiness…..”

  21. T Myers says:

    “Why must everything be human sacrifice with whites, maybe they just got lost, it happens…people still get lost today in mountains and freeze to death.”
    What are you talking about?
    That’s silly talk.

  22. Sedah Drol says:

    Ok everyone, let’s stop with the finger pointing. Yes, the Incas sacrificed small children. The Aztecs also sacrificed people; hundreds, possibly thousands each year. They ripped their hearts out and ate their flesh. Europeans burned women alive after accusing them of being minions of the devil. People have done lots of nasty things to each other throughout history. Maybe it’s better to die knowing you’re going to heaven than being told you’re going to hell. Just a thought.

  23. Alexis says:

    Learned about this in world history class today. That’s amazing. People, this isn’t as horrifying as you think. Just consider the Holocaust, I think I’d rather fall asleep then freeze to death than have gone through the holocaust…

  24. Sedah Drol says:


  25. Donna says:

    wow.. pretty nice and cool.. I was so amazed the first time i saw this.. is this for real? I cant imagine, I pity that child. but right now, she seems to be a good lesson for each parents.

  26. Jamiew says:

    aside from the actual physical “leave them on a mountain” bit, they probably weren’t abused. In fact, if they were anything like other societies that sacrificed (most of them at one point or another) they were probably treated exceptionally well. We can’t entirely understand because we are not them, but sacrifice wasn’t punishment, or abuse at all. and the assumption that they “woke up and were struck by lightening” is silly. it was probably fairly peaceful, and they were obviously brave anyway, if they made that journey in the first place.

  27. George Stamos says:

    People should not place present values on past actions. You cannot and should not judge what our ancestors did based on the information, feelings, morals etc… we have today.

    You must view them as they viewed themselves, this is the only way to fully understand and appreciate how they lived.

    I love history and I never condemn or pass judgment on past civilizations. I try only to learn from them.

  28. marco says:

    i think its a wonderful thing to see them on exibit, i understand that it may be disrespectful to culture that we dig up graves for science , but as we all may know our bodys are just a empty ship and the soul has traveled.

  29. Jess says:

    I can understand where everyone is coming from. It is utterly inhumane what they did to children in the Incan Age. I also know that they probably thought that it was perfectnormal or else it wouldn’t have happened. Nobody knows what could’ve happened to the children and I guess noone will ever know. They could’ve had a very easy death – they fell asleep and died unknowingly. But they may also have gone through one that was very painful – they woke up after their little “sleep” to find that they are still in their world, freezing with nothing to breathe in. But the fact is that we will never know so I think that I would rather think that the kids had an uneventful, easy death than a horiffic one. At school we are learning about the Incas and some of their rituals and practices are unbelievable let me tell you. So basically the only we can do is think about it as though the time when those sorts of rituals happened is over. I think that we can just be glad that it was not us and sympathise with those that were not comfortable with this activity.

    That is my input on this debate. I hope it can influence how you treat this debate, as it is a great topic.

  30. Jack Ng says:

    This girl was sacrificed because the people probably had bad crops or bad weather. The children were supposed to go and talk to the gods. How they did this was adults brought the children on a top of a mountain and gave them corn alcohol resulting in them passing out and then they froze to death. Being sacrificed was considered as an honor.

  31. Megan says:

    Like George and a few others have said, you cannot judge an ancient civilizations actions based upon our current “standards and morals”. Yes, in this age, sacrificing a child would be seen as a terrible horrific thing, but back in their time, this was a way of life, an honor. You may think that they were treated horribly or abused, but if you studied the Inca culture before jumping to conclusions, you would see that any sacrifice; whether child, or adult, where treated as kings and queens before their deaths. I research archaeology and mummification practices, and based on the posturing and position of this beautiful young girl, suffering was most likely nonexistent. The effects of the alcohol paired with the freezing temperatures would have killed her long before she would ever have awaken. This is because the effects of alcohol on the body: at .18 BAC an individual will become sedated, and have the effects of analgesia (pain killer) and by .25 BAC they will have a decrease in heart rate, which will lower the body temp, and lower respiration rate, and slip into Unconsciousness. If the children passed out due to alcohol consumption, they were no match for the cold, and would have died a quick, painless death. Perhaps it was wrong, but for the people of that time this was such an honor to be chosen. I think it is amazing how a young girl could travel so far and still be strong enough for a climb like that. She is beautiful and it is wonderful that she could be shared with people of today. In all reality, she is still a messenger, maybe not to the Gods, but to people of our time; relaying facts of her history and culture. Her family would be proud.

  32. […] via Last Days of the Incas Five hundred years ago, three Inca children were left to freeze high in the cold Argentinian Andes […]

  33. Darius Frank says:

    This is incredible, and simply amazing. to see the preservation on these bodies is awe inspiring and only lends to the lore of the Incan people. But I agree with the idea that putting these one display just does not fit the situation. It’s almost like an African mask out of context in a museum someplace. Yes the knowledge is respected and sough after, but I don’t know how i truly feel seeing that honored figure sitting on a table in some fitting glass jar.

  34. Hana Bell says:

    this is amazing yet very scary i feel soory that she had to be scarficed and she is still well formed i’ll light a candle and say a few prays for her and maybe some day i might go and see her :* gone but no forgoten :* forever young :*

  35. angela12780 says:


  36. Ceronomus says:

    To look at another culture, especially one so ancient, through the eyes of your own and to judge it by those standards? Ethnocentrism at its worst. These people thought that they were sending their children to a better place, making them messengers of the gods.

    Instead one could easily compare this to many modern beliefs that could strike people just as strange. For example…

    Scientologists believe that an alien being named Xenu through captive souls into a volcano.

    Mormans once believed that by spilling the blood of non-believers that they could save their souls. This lead to the Mountain Meadows Massacre on September 11, 1857.

    Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches still cast “evil spirits” out of people during ritual exorcisms.

    During Kaparot, Jews believe that they can transfer their sins to a live chicken by swinging it around their head three times.

    The list goes on and on. To truly understand a culture you need to view it through its own eyes, not yours.

  37. Ollinkoatl says:

    Interesting critiques from Americans about sacrificing children. However, how many of your states execute and sentence children under 18 years of age in the name of “Lady Liberty?”

    • Cat says:

      None, actually.

    • Sue Sue says:

      Wrong Cat. We’ve done it before. We’ve tried and sentence children as adults and enacted adult punishments upon them even though they physically lack the same degree of reasoning adults have. The blood is on all our hands.

  38. Jesse says:


  39. Nash says:

    “These people thought that they were sending their children to a better place, making them messengers of the gods.”

    What about honour killings? The holy wars? Surely the Crusaders thought they were doing humanity a great service, but that doesn’t excuse their crimes.

    It doesn’t matter what they thought they were doing. What the Inca did to these children was wrong. These people were supposed to care for them, but instead foisted their religious beliefs onto kids who were too young to understand or form their own ideas on the subject, and murdered them.

  40. deejaysan says:

    i heard the boy had bloody vomit on his shirtand was tied until his pelvis was dislocated. or was it. but the thing is i felt that the little boy didn’t want to get sacrafice at all…

    • Tatu says:

      Who knows….
      but have to post again the fact :
      I would like to know…what that Inca civilisation thinking about today’s mothers who sacrifice they child.. Don’t wanna know the number of aborted child /day? or even hour? is incredible … and they not get such a fancy preparation for travel to heaven..they rip a part alive before they even have a chance to see the world.. ” with joy and happiness…..”

  41. Chris says:

    @ #39. Do you need medication? This was more than 500 years ago. Less than 250 years ago, the new u.s. states of New England were burning young girls at the stake. Do you know how much agony, pain and hate toward these girls was implemented as they died gradually from being burned to ashes, ALIVE? Now that is bizarre, all because they believed she was devilish? Talk about hypocrisy.

    • Sorcha MacAonghais says:

      Actually, none of the people executed as Witches in the American colonies were burned, they were hung or pressed. You are right, however, in considering their executions to be horrendous, as were those in Europe (in some countries, of course, they DID burn people as Witches). These children, as sacrifices, had much easier deaths, and were honoured in life before their sacrifices.

  42. Megan says:

    Wow. i have never seen something like this in my life. i will be 14 in June so to know people sacrificed kids my age… scary. i love history so this is very interesting to me, i hope someday maybe they can bring this girl back to life, i mean she has her blood, organs, skin, hair, and even her clothes still. so why not, it would be the most advanced scientific experiment ever!

  43. bluejams says:

    Many have expressed horror that parents sacrificed their children to the gods. I think this still goes on. In some parts of the world it is done in the name of Allah. In others the god of war or commerce or national pride.

  44. Isybell says:

    Tim on #20 made a very good point.sedah drol #22 very good point and i tooootaly agree.JamieW #26 i agree.u would have had to be very brave to do that.ollinkoatl #37 makes a very good and honest point and i agree(even though i am American)Nash #39 i agree. i mean come on?child murder?and to all the people who think that this is cool, it is for science but otherwise u people r sickos!!! and to deejaysan post #40 if u think about it that is probably very true

  45. alyssa says:

    Wow very amazing. i read about the Inca would be even more cool if you could do a world wide search of them. Or maybe even a whole familey!

  46. Isabella says:

    I dont think it was wrong. This was something that happened over 500 years ago. I know that it is inhumane, but within the tribe, it would have been considered a great honour to be selected.

  47. shaz says:

    i have read all these comments and #31 is the best one. for all of you that think this is wrong fine for those who think its cool fine. All in all, I like that I can view it, but I wish they would but the bodies back where they found them.

  48. shaz says:

    i mean ‘PUT’ the bodies back.

  49. Juu says:

    I agree with Isabella

    i don’t think this is murder. Well didn’t really know what happened but spirituality is unique to an individual, you might think it’s murder, inhumane or whatev but some regard it as something holy and literally, TO DIE FOR. And i salute those kids for having a thinking that great.

  50. Melissa says:

    I think entries #9 and #31 are the best. Props to you both for understanding the situation as best one could and sharing such remarkable viewpoints with others!

  51. Kristina says:

    We can not by today’s standards understand why or how anyone could allow a child to die under such horrific circumstances. However, this was an age of courage, honor and extreme pride. These children were raised to know this as their destiny rather than fate. I think it is amazing, not horrible.

  52. Chuck Testa says:


  53. Bort says:

    Religion: Killing children since 1511.

  54. Freezer says:

    I agree that this is a great opportunity to study ancient history of Incas. With that said, no one in sane mind would accept sacrificing children on their behalf. This only tells me that ancient Inca elders and priests or whoever is responsible for this were heartless bastards. If it meant that much to them to protect their land by doing human sacrifice, they would have sacrificed themselves. If only maidens can be sacrificed, then they should have stayed pure and sacrificed themselves. Poor children.. My heart goes out to them.. I only hope they had a quick death without much suffering.

    • helena martin says:

      I couldnt agree more with you, killing is murder,and religious people probably influenced parents and this was a disgraceful practice. In the Bible did God not ask a man to offer his child up for a sacrifice ? Those Inca people thought this was a normal ritual. Who knows what still goes on today in parts of the world or in our own Country,perhaps it’s better that we don’t know,but the truth comes out even if it’s late.

      • Crystal says:

        Just in case you didn’t know the whole story…
        Genesis 22:1-13

        22 Some time later God tested Abraham. He said to him, “Abraham!”
        “Here I am,” he replied.

        2 Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love—Isaac—and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”

        3 Early the next morning Abraham got up and loaded his donkey. He took with him two of his servants and his son Isaac. When he had cut enough wood for the burnt offering, he set out for the place God had told him about. 4 On the third day Abraham looked up and saw the place in the distance. 5 He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.”

        6 Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and placed it on his son Isaac, and he himself carried the fire and the knife. As the two of them went on together, 7 Isaac spoke up and said to his father Abraham, “Father?”

        “Yes, my son?” Abraham replied.

        “The fire and wood are here,” Isaac said, “but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”

        8 Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them went on together.

        9 When they reached the place God had told him about, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood. 10 Then he reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. 11 But the angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham!”

        “Here I am,” he replied.

        12 “Do not lay a hand on the boy,” he said. “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son.

        God never intended on having Issac sacrificed. He was a blessing to Sarah and Abraham. The only child God sacrificed was His own.

        • Sorcha MacAonghais says:

          Actually, YHWH didn’t sacrifice his son, really. He sort of loaned him to Earth for 33 years, and then, after Jesus’s death and resurrection … Jesus ended up in heaven, “sitting at the right hand of God the Father.” Not quite the same thing as a mortal sacrificing their child for their tribe. I never have seen much of a sacrifice from God in the Jesus story, if one really thinks about it.

  55. Jo tomm says:

    Oh wow shes hot. I’d hit it!

  56. Aaaaaa says:

    For those who are uppity about sacrifice as always inherently evil: Look up cultural relativism. Yes, you can say it is wrong, but you are going off of western normative (i.e. Judeo-Christian, typically) standards. It is not right of us to project our value system onto not only a civilization but one from *500 years ago*. We value life here, as did they, but it wasn’t just mindless murder for sport and it wasn’t just “savages” being savages. You have a very naive concept of history and morality

  57. astra says:

    They were children. It should have been done to the elderly. Any culture that would sacrifice children (ANY) is horrible.

    • Berlande says:

      Not to say that i agree with what they did but then again i was born and raised in 21st century new york. but i will say, in their eyes, sacrificing the elderly would have been pointless and an insult. the whole point of a sacrifice would be to give up something important. sacrificing the elderly would be like giving up a food you don’t even eat for lent or something. it defeats the purpose.

  58. bubba franks says:

    make a clone of her and raise the the clone in the traditional culture, like a second chance at life for this girl.

    • Shannon says:

      Really? That is one of the most retarded things I have heard. First of all we shouldn’t be playing god and messing around with things like cloning. Secondly, it wouldn’t be close to a second life for her…. sorry, that was just a really odd comment, didn’t sit well with me, and that’s just me.

  59. dot says:

    The gods will not be pleased by this…….

  60. Ed Farr says:

    These children should have been buried to rest in peace and not displayed to the public! With the amount of money spent on the museum and to create the 0 degree chamber, so many children around the world could have been saved!
    May God give us kind and soft hearts and we start respecting humanity and treat every human with respect!

  61. Weazel says:

    u should think about turning the areas these mumies come from into a place to view them be viewed as more respectful and give greater idea of the way they thought back then and the journey they had to make

    • Sue Sue says:

      Weazel, in terms of an ethical solution to the dilemma between observing the traditions of her faith and studying her culture through her mummified body… You have proposed the perfect solution. If she was put back and some rudimentary modifications to her surroundings were made (to protect her from vandalism) then people could experience the journey she made and have a deeper understanding of what was involved in her sacrifice. I commend you!

  62. J Jeffries says:

    This was humane when compared to what Europeans were doing during the Inquisitions.

  63. Devon says:

    I can answer all questions about their motivations and reasons for sacrificing their children at the time.


    They don’t know any better, and if we were in their position, we may have done the same thing. With little understanding of natural law they turn to the metaphysical to explain the unknown. Like all cultures, once answers are given, the people will rely on you to continue to give answers. At some point, through a developing belief system they came to the conclusion that sacrifices were needed and did so. It’s complex, but it all comes down to ignorance, man’s greatest weakness.

  64. jay says:

    I dont mean to be cynical or a jerk but we need to stop calling the Incas as Indians. They are not Indians. They are native americans.

  65. Natalie says:

    My heart aches for these children. Even if their society thought it was an honor to be killed, that doesn’t make it okay. Truth is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Killing people is wrong, that is a truth that society’s laws cannot change. We all come into this world with a conscience, a little voice inside our heads that tells us right from wrong regardless of cultural differences, truth is universal you cannot change God’s laws. It is truly heart breaking when a society stops listening to that voice that leads them to do what is right, and continues down that path until they are so dilusional, that they would consider murder an honor.

  66. Natalie says:

    PS: Number 36. Your facts about Mormons are waaaaay off. I am sure you heard that from someone you know, and it’s an innocent mistake, but if you REALLY want to know what we believe, go to, or read the book of Mormon. I can’t stand up to your claims about the other religions and cultures you mentioned, because I don’t know, but if you were way off with my religion, you might be off with those ones too. I would just ask that you check facts with a DIRECT source before you state things. I am sure you didn’t mean to.

  67. Dion says:

    So SAD to be sacrificed as part of a religious ritual, What would a god say to killing something it made? Freezing to death is horrible!!

  68. j point says:

    Whats so hard to believe about sacrifice to the gods? We sacrifice children to war. But if only we believed a God so fiercely…

  69. michele chambers says:

    This is a person. She was alive, she has a soul. Yet, here she is on display, for the pleasure of, what? Barbarism, cloaked as science. Most laughable was the spokes persons feigned RESPECT, he said she’s a person, an indian person, no kidding….this is pathetic…what is the benefit of her being on display, how much did you pay the local impoverished dark skinned population to commit this crime?UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  70. Every culture that has ever existed has had practices and norms that are insane by the standards of other cultures.

  71. Shantih says:

    She looks as if she is alive it is kind of scary and shocking.

  72. Xed says:

    Even today’s religions are crazy. Interesting.
    This was normal to them. Like it’s normal for us to have a huge group of bigots in our Christian community.

  73. Alexandra Nofi says:

    On one hand, I think finding a perfectly preserved human is fascinating. On the other hand, I think it is disrespectful to the Inca people, and the long since passed parents of these children, to disturb the dead like this and put them on display. They may not be alive, but they are still human beings, and robbing them of their grave site just isn’t right. They should be returned to where they were discovered.

    • Gwen says:

      Did this girl die in vainn now that we’ve removed her from her holy place? I don’t think the Incas saw that coming.

  74. Jonnah says:

    This is really amazing; La Doncella looked still alove as if just sleeping. The weather on Llullaillaco Mountain had preserved her body perfectly.

  75. Tim says:

    I’m “late to the party,” so to speak, but this is absolutely amazing! Thanks, StumbleUpon. 😛

  76. Allison says:

    pointing out the mistakes of other murders, doesn’t make this one acceptable or right. Sure, we can sit back and say the Nazis, Stalin, Mao, the Europeans, the Americans, the Catholics, the Protestants, the Muslims etc. all committed murder in the name of religion.

    You can sit there and say we shouldn’t project our values on another culture, you can think this is cool, romanticize if you will.

    But the fact remains, that this culture committed murder. They killed small children whose parents were probably deeply indoctrinated to believe it was an honor to kill their six year old son, 15 yr old daughter etc.

    And I will not ever say its okay they did that, that I obviously just don’t “understand” the historical context of the murder. I will not ever say what the Nazis did was okay and I just don’t understand the historical context of the murders, what Stalin did was okay, what the Europeans did to the Native Americans was okay, nor what the Native Americans did to the European settlers was okay.

    History is full of bloodshed, murder, genocide, and even ritual religious sacrifice.

    These children were not old enough to make decisions about their life and they and their parents were indoctrinated and believed it was an honor. But now, what are we looking at 500 years later?

    A dead 15 year old girl, with no sickness or disease. She was intoxicated and frozen to death, abandoned on top of a mountain.

    Its wrong. So what I’m “projecting” my VALUE for human life onto a culture 500 years ago. If it were still going on today, would you think that was okay?

    Study it sure, its a great learning experience, as is all history. But don’t romanticize it or excuse it. Its a murdered body of a little girl.

  77. someone says:

    i think that it’s amazing how we can visit them but however i think they should be put back to where they originated. I think that it is good that we already know about the culture and tested everything, and that is more than what we asked for from those Incas. I think to respect those children that were sacrificed, they should be placed back to where they belong.

  78. Dave says:

    how can people be excited over such a terrible and meaningless thing? i think that if a culture was so brutal and stupid to slain their healthiest children due to some irrational belief as “they’ll become angels if we kill them”, it is not a bad thing at all, that they’ve been conquered and assimilated by the spanish concvistadors.

  79. Anonymous says:

    You’re all fools if you can’t appreciate historical culture. I think this is amazing for both science and the society for future references.

  80. firman says:

    the Spanish conquistadors aren’t better than them by any means.

  81. Erika says:

    @Dave: So the millions of men, women, and yes, children killed by the Conquistadores deserved it because they were following their customs? Newsflash, buddy, the Spanish weren’t any better. Some might argue that they were worse, even. They weren’t picky about slaughtering people in the name of their god. You call the Inca brutal and stupid while praising a culture that was just as bad.

    You call their beliefs irrational, and strangely enough you don’t say a word about modern religions. Don’t Christians believe that people become angels when they die? Don’t they believe in a book that tells them slavery, polygamy, rape, and stoning are okay?

    • kunwil says:

      Watch your ignorant mouth. There is nowhere in the bible that in the christian faith that rape stoning or slavery are okay. Respect yourself

      • mm says:

        Um, yes there is. In the bible, stoning is listed as an appropriate punishment for children who TALK BACK to their parents. See Deuteronomy 21:18-21

        • Tatu says:

          8-I OMG…

        • Mary says:

          Wow! Why is it everyone takes the Old Testament and uses it against Christianity? Did you not know that the Old Testament is more like a history lesson. A Christian’s true belief system and faith is based on the New Testament. The New Testament never says anything about stoning children who “Back Talk” their parents. I have two excerpts from the bible the first regards stoning:
          John 8
          New International Version (NIV)
          8 1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.

          2 At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. 3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

          But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

          9 At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10 Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

          11 “No one, sir,” she said.

          “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

          My next few excepts are from the New testament regarding how Christ views Children:

          Mark 9:36-37
          36 Then he put a little child among them. Taking the child in his arms, he said to them, 37 “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf[a] welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also my Father who sent me.

          Mark 10:13-15
          New International Version (NIV)
          The Little Children and Jesus

          13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

          So my question is: Why do you use the Old Testament when Christians are just that, followers of Christ and his word. They follow his teachings and his alone. Did you know that the Old Testament is actually the Torah, the holy book of Judaism. Christians keep the old testament as a history lesson to know where they came from, but use the New Testament to live by.

          I may not be a Christian, but I do respect other people’s beliefs and I do hold to the fact that you should do true research and studying before you attack any one belief system based upon what you have “heard” about them. Go directly to the source and do not just look for what you want to see but see it all and try to understand it. I know there is no such thing as being perfectly unbiased but at least try to be. There are none so blind as he who will not see. I am glad that in my studies I have taken religion classes most especially World Religions. I believe it should be required if only to get rid of preconceived notions, bias, and discrimination. With a bit more education this world could go a long ways in the ridding of hatred and ignorance.

  82. what you, they, and I believe are different, for me death is not the end, every single thing from our history has a meaning. The sacrified girl will give lesson about humanity to the next generations of Human, including our generation, so that human culture in the future can be better and better.

  83. njuoik says:

    still a dead kid not nice

  84. April says:

    On one hand I think this is an amazing and shocking discovery. However,I feel it is a bit disrespectful of not only the Incan culture but also the young woman to put her body on display in such a way. The native Americans had their own personal religious reasons for taking the actions they did. We should never stand in judgement of someone else.

  85. wuggs says:

    people are talking about this being a horrible murder even if it was religion, they say how could they sacrifice theyre children? this is not like today. today we can be scornful towards CURRENT religion because those who are a part of it know there is a choice. for these incas they didnt chose their religion, it wasnt “forced” upon them, it just was. they knew nothing else. there was no “why do we have a religion” they just kneno different so give them a break, things have changed and we all know better. its current religion and current choices you should have a problem with

  86. Maddy says:

    Wow, that is just beyond amazing. If I ever get to South America, I am definitely seeing that exhibit.

  87. Julie says:

    How very sad it breaks my heart that such a beautiful young life was taken so cruelly, she must of known on that walk what her fate was…please can we not give her a burial she so rightly deserves…along with the little girl and boy back to where they came from…Haunting and sad..

  88. Tom says:

    I watched a documentary on this yesterday night and to be quite honest, these children have become gods in our lifetime.
    People are moaning about how wrong it is to stick them on public. Without placing them for the world to see, not allowing us to see what they wore, how they looked and the history they held.. we wouldn’t understand how much we know today. In the documentary it explained how they were led over 1000 miles which would be practically insane, especially over 500 years ago. A brain scan showed that the two youngest children were stressed which intricates they both knew what their fate was to be. Apparently the little boy might have been stabbed due to a odd feeling on his lower back and the blood covering his clothes he wore.
    History may be a bloody past but history is made of many different cultures different from our own. I myself am from the United Kingdom.. my culture would be completely different to someone let’s say .. who lived in China or Japan?

    I watched this documentary on ‘More 4’ called ‘Perfect Child Mummies’ .. truly amazing.

  89. SilentMaiden_13 says:

    I was really amazed after seeing this photo and reading it’s information I mean it’s a rare site to find a mummy which is complete… the organs…her face… And it could really help modern society
    But thinking about what these kids had gone through their lives… I mean pampering them… Raising them to be healthy and perfect children and afterwards sacrificing them for their religious beliefs
    It’s just so sad and terrible…

  90. Leesh says:

    Of course its murder, NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT to take somebody’s apart from GOD. Obviously them days people and there mentality where so messed up all this culture nonsense, its sad. Little kids dying being murdered. Under 11 years old children will automatically go to heaven….But jheez Murdering taking someones life…its wrong. But however it was there culture 500 years ago, real sad.

    • kunwil says:

      500 year ago there were no Christians there so whether you were good or bad you could not hear the word of God, and could therefore not be saved, so your values do not apply here. Definition of murder differs in different countries even today.You just have to accept the fact that you are not representative of the planet’s views on right and wrong.Your own sense of right and wrong is based on the environment you grew up in, and let’s face it you grew up in a totally different world from them which is why respectfully, you are totally incapable of understanding anything outside your own culture.

    • Sue Sue says:

      Only children under 11?
      12 year olds are out of luck?

      “Sorry Tommy, you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven… your birthday was yesterday… yes, I know you died on the ferris wheel at the amusment park your family was celebrating at, but you have already turned 12 so there’s nothing I can do for you. Didn’t get properly sanctioned for entrance to Heaven? Forgot to fill out the forms? Thought you’d have more time? Sorry… there’s really nothing I can do. That one day really does make all the difference, you know. You’ll have to turn around. Hell awaits.”

      What about adults with mental disabilities that give them the cognitive skills of a child? Does God judge their minds or their bodies? There are 11 year olds turning tricks in L.A. and 25 year old virgins in O.H. Which gets to heaven quickest?

  91. Leesh says:

    And all this ‘Gods’ Nonsense…Theres only one God.

  92. Lolo says:

    If parents did not want that to happen they married them off or refused to let them go. It wasn’t forced. Some people thought it was an honor, other people didn’t want it to happen to their children.

  93. megs says:

    omg looks scary but how do mummies stay pretty that long it is a sacrifice…

  94. sofie says:

    darling leesh, i think now’s a good time for you to stop talking. there are plenty of present day religions that believe in more than one god, you know. it’s fine if you personally believe that we’re all barbarians, but please keep those opinions to yourself, because now you just look foolish.
    i agree 100 percent with #31. of course killing children is murder, but these children were raised for the sole purpose of being sacrificed. the six year old was struck by lighting after death, the fifteen year old died in her sleep, and i don’t have enough information on the seven year old to make any conclusions on how he passed. but the thing is that this can all be proven by CT scans and MRIs, that there’s really no debate as to how the girls at least, passed away.
    you’ve got to keep in mind that it was an honour to be sacrificed, the highest honour that could be bestowed. besides, it is a nice thought that the children will turn into angels and watch over the village. in that sense, the children never really left, because they’re still there, chilling with Inti the sun god, making sure that everything goes well, so the parents only gave up their children for the greater good. kind of like sending them off into war to save their country that has absolutely no enemies that are in a position to invade, isn’t it?
    you can’t judge an ancient culture based on todays morals, you really can’t. and personally i don’t think putting the girl on display is all that bad. it’s the only way to raise awareness about the old amazing cultures that used to rule south america. besides, they did say that no additional graves would be robbed of their inhabitants, as per the request of the indigenous people that live there.
    oh and whoever said something about sticking aborted foetuses in glass jars for us to stare at, has clearly never been to the bodies exhibition, and that’s seriously worth going to, because guess what, the whole entire exhibition is dead humans that have been preserved and stripped of their skin to be put on display for our entertainment, and it’s really fascinating. of course the owners of those bodies willingly agreed to be exhibited after they died, similarly to those inca children. well except that the children just agreed to be sacrificed, i presume they had no say whether or not they wanted to be displayed, five hundred years later. guess what else gets displayed in museums for our entertainment? egyptian mummies, but i don’t see anyone getting their knickers in a twist over those mummies over there. king tut was also just a kid, and he was murdered by his advisor, not sacrificed to watch over the harvest as angels. the phoenicians, you know, the people that invented the alphabet the the romans used, and we base our off of, yeah they also participated in child sacrifice to appease their gods to make the seas friendly towards their ships. but nobody hates on the phoenicians do they? nobody calls their culture immoral.
    seriously, all this blaming and name calling is really just silly. the inca culture has been dead for half a millennia, thanks to the spanish invaders, and they were by no means barbaric. calling the elders and priests ‘mentally ill’ just further proves that you are dogmatic with no desire to open your mind to the possibility that the world changes as time goes by.

  95. HarryKnottpotter says:

    Fascinating article. Even more fascinating comments.

    Having only what information available in this article, I can only assume that science and religion have been fairly respected in the research and documenting of the ancient culture.

    The comments about cruelty seem due to ignorance about scientific fact. The children likely died from hypothermia which is pretty painless, especially as they were drugged with alchohol. They basically went to sleep and never woke up. As stated in the article, “The bodies seemed so much like sleeping children that working with them felt “almost more like a kidnapping than archaeological work,” Dr. Miremont said.

    Many comments also condemned the practices of an ancient 500 year old civilization, based on present values and morals, as cruel. It seems that civilization has not progressed very far considering the standards and morals of religions practiced today especially concerning women, minorities, sexuality and gender identification. Ironic that so many, even in the United States, feel the need to base civilization on outdated moral practices of religious practices of over two thousand years ago, to cause pain, suffering and oppression. Intelligent design or devolution?

  96. HarryKnottpotter says:

    One more point, a video presentation would probably have been sufficient to show museum goers the wonder of how well preserved the children?s bodies. I?m not a religious person, but had attended an American Baptist Convention domination church Sunday school as a child for 17 years. It would have shown more respect for the children and the indigenous peoples of the Llullaillaco region to have returned their bodies to their last resting place as originally intended. WIth advancements made in creating facsimiles, models reproducing the bodies would have been sufficient, in my opinion, for an exhibit in the museum. If there is more to gain by keeping the actual bodies on exhibit, I would appreciate being made aware, but expending so much money on preserving the bodies seems foolish, and showing them just ghoulish sensationalism. I have not seen the exhibits of the plastinated, skinned bodies and choose not to. It sounds fascinating and possibly educational, but there are too many ethical questions and controversies for my comfort.

  97. allie says:

    the children thought it was a great honer.but it is sad

  98. kirani says:

    I feel so sad for the preserved bodies !!!!!!

  99. Nansen says:

    I was always interested in history especially in ancient tribes,their habits,religion,and how they lived.And when this bargain makes me want to know more about them!
    This must be the best saved mummy ever found!

  100. g5katz says:

    Early civilizations thought nothing of making human sacrifices. Human sacrifice was a normal part of life. Since the children were mostly healthy they more than likely were not mistreated. This honor was something they probably gathered around the village central point and waited to see who got picked by lottery of sorts. It wasn’t until the “church” came along and told them it was bad, that they actually quit. I think the preservation of these children is quite an extraordinary act, and I hope to get to go see these children some day.

    The world has matured some and we no longer sacrifice children for our greater good. We know better. The display of these children serves as our reminder.

  101. Carol says:

    An important exhibit as a testimony of the inherent evil of religion.

  102. Alice says:

    What if she thaws and wakes up… first ever cryopreserved human. that would be so awesome.

    • Daffodil says:

      One day she will wake up, because Jesus is risen and alive and He said He is coming back to re-unite the bodies of the dead with their souls, to make all of us like Him. He saved us. Full stop. Rejoice and love one another like He loves us! And stay away from sin; at least try, any effort will be appreciated, if you don’t know what sin is, study the ten Commandments: it’s a pretty good guideline. And yes, it is also written: “You shall not kill” and “You shall love your neighbour” and “Do not judge”, and “Forgive”

  103. KS Manoj says:

    i want to fly to argentina to see this

  104. Kunji Sappi Manoj says:

    I am a malaysian mummy. stays at puchong. thumbs up to Argentina scientist

  105. Singapura says:

    The only “wrong”thing here is that the sacrifice was religious. People have been killed in the name of non existing beings since the beginning of mankind. Let’s hope we will evolve and forget all this nonsense so that no-one will be killed in the name if [insert favorite deity] again.

  106. Roz says:

    101. No we don’t ‘know better’ in this day and age! Do you see 50 year olds going off to war in the Middle East? No, teenage boys are sent to have their limbs blown off.

  107. Satchmo72 says:

    The only thing wrong is that 500 year old frozen Inca Girls don’t belong in captivity on display. They deserve to be free out in the wild to just sit there and thaw with the rest of the frozen Inca’s

  108. hello says:

    What if she wakes up? omg

  109. Sarah says:

    Everything in this world needs to be appriciated and accepted especially something as amazing as this.
    If no person, man, woman or child were EVER sacrificed or murder how are we to know today that it would be wrong?
    Putting myself in the position of a parent of one of these children without the knowledge of today’s society and only the beliefs they lived by this in a way seems like not only honoring and trusting that there child can help look after not only them but there community their world! But saving them from having to suffer what there world may have been with out the help and protection these children were sacrificed for.
    Imagine the feeling of pride bravory and passion for her people I believe she would have had which helped her push through the challenging journey she had to go on.
    Imagine being chosen by your people to look after them, this is a true queen or even god!
    And like the things that go down in today’s society in every county and every culture are perfect, they’re worse! People get shot for no reason for greed children are murder kidnaped and all the horrible things you can think of today!
    I would rather be sacrificed for protection of my people than be murdered for protection for somebones ego like people are today.
    To die for a real reason.
    Everything in this world is amazing. People just need to appriciated the fact that if nothing bad ever happened we wouldn’t be as knowledgable and advanced as we are today.
    And I don’t see why there should be a problem with sharing such enlightening beauty to those who chose to see it.
    Im sure she if she felt disrespected by letting the world know of her greatness she would let it be know by an uncomfortable or haughnting presence leading her back to where she was found.

  110. ben says:

    Everytime i read about perfectly preserved people and perma – frost mammoths i get this creepy feeling that our civilisations keep these bodies in a bid to one day reanimate/ bring them back to life.
    Anybody else getting that vibe?

  111. charlotte says:

    i think finds like this are amazing and necessary for us to learn how people used to live…. for all these children knew/thought they were going to a better place where everyone else wanted to be, our modern world doesn’t tolerate murder or sacrifice…which in retrospect is a good thing as we value life. however technology has taught us everything we know about the new and old world. we need to learn to respect and learn from both thats how the world used to be for them children i’m sure 500 years from now people will make discoveries about us and wonder what the hell we was doing!

  112. Ebuka says:

    Great Discovery..But I think they can be studied without necessarily being put on display..They are human beings.Murdered humans beings. They should get the honour of being laid to rest decently. My opinion

  113. scatty says:

    I find it hard to believe that these children managed to get to the top of the mountain when oxygen levels would have been a minimum. also why would they sacrifice young innocent children and put them on top of a 22,000 ft mountain. if i were those kids I would would run for my life, no child wants to die that young. usually a sacrifice is performed on someone important or religious not 3 innocent children. i believe they were escaping the war and thought this would be the safest place to hide as there might be a cave in the mountains. So they took belongings and toys and food to survive for a few days. when they slept one night a terrible storm struck that they wernt expecting and froze them in their sleep

  114. scatty says:

    Another article explains how inca children were fattened up before sacrifice and this one doesnt look overweight to me. I also found out that some inca tribes lived in the mountains

  115. scatty says:

    one more thing could someone please give me some strong evidence that these children were used for a sacrifice because i cant see any strong evidence that they were

  116. Anonymous says:

    I personally think, they should be burie coz wen one of out loved ones dies, we dont put them up in museums.

  117. Stephen says:

    It’s amazing. What’s even more amazing are some of the comments that slate the religious beliefs and traditions of these people. If they are your beliefs and you are brought up in that way, then what could be greater for your child than to be living in paradise with the gods? I am not a religious person but I respect if someone is because it’s what they have faith in. Just because someone has religious faith, doesn’t mean they’re correct in that choice. And just because someone has NO religious faith, doesn’t mean they’re are correct in their choice.

  118. Challenge says:

    This is ridiculous. Please put them in earth. Please dont let their souls feel anymore pain. This is fool thing. Allah (the creator of all) doesnt want such foolish acts. Why he created humans? to b put in frozen state? this is insane. Please respect the one created you and dont put his amazing creation into showpiece in a painful manner. May Allah show us the right path. ameen.

  119. Joy says:

    Why is it said that ‘Indian People’ twice, when it’s not even part of India…???
    I’m not good at history & all so will anyone please explain me…

  120. victoria says:

    it is no disrespectful is us is another bit of our past this people hide so many things from us which i dont understand there is some big secret behind all this huhmm

  121. Sara says:

    “Ollinkoatl on April 28th, 2011 8:03 am

    Interesting critiques from Americans about sacrificing children. However, how many of your states execute and sentence children under 18 years of age in the name of “Lady Liberty?””

    How about you actually look up the things you claim before you state them? No one under 18 is put to death by the state in the US.

    As for the mummy, I think they should have left them there. It’s disrespectful to the very culture they’re looking to learn more about. I understand the inherent need to learn more about what is unknown, but there are some things that we just need to leave alone without explicit permission from the family/descendants of those being removed.

  122. Sara says:

    To the people saying that displaying a corpse is the best way to learn about the culture… How does that work? I don’t see how you’d learn anything more from seeing a dead person propped up in a display case than you would seeing a model of said dead person.
    There’s no reason except that it’s exciting to see a well-preserved person that has been dead for that long. There’s really no more educational value to it.

  123. elle says:

    i think it’s amazing but it’s also kinda sad putting DEAD CHILDREN IN A TUBE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE THEM!

    Don’t yous think so?

  124. Hassan says:

    This is sick. Okay take pictures, analyse them. But for Gods sake bury them! thier dead and should be burried how many of use would like to be put on dispay when you die??

  125. Paschal Passie says:

    This is the most amazing thing ever. It seems like she died just yesterday.

  126. Shyam says:

    Imortality in many ways. What we think is based on what we are thought.. Keep open free and respectful of opinions n cultures.. Just live YOUR life. Change your world.. These people just did

  127. Lawrence says:


  128. obeng addai says:

    is she alive

  129. Obi says:

    At least she went quietly. Respected and blessed by her people. She left feeling honoured and blessed. She slept a happy peaceful maiden. These days, people seem to think brutality is a major part of the ritual. The heart of man seems to thrive on wickedness. What a monster he has become.

  130. Lorna says:

    The evil thing is that these children had no control over their lives. Given the choice I think they would have wanted to live. Let’s get rid of all this religious fanaticism that’s still alive and well today!

  131. emeka says:

    please,show some human dignity, and lay the poor soul to rest, she has bein through enough already.

  132. Tasleem says:

    Reply to comment 44, You are really not well informed the idea of sacrifice is in those cultures who have no belief in GOD period! Muslims worship Allah and the only sacrifice they believe in is Abraham’s for his son on the mountain which if your were well informed you would know that this is true to the Bible and Torah! Don’t go passing comments on religions you have no clue about, get educated and make clear views.
    You Dork!

  133. ABRAHAM says:

    what i want to know is about their survival of the body till date.

  134. Alex says:

    They believed they would be sacrificed and be better off for it. To them, there was suffering for a reason of highest honour. To us who don’t believe, it’s hard to fathom, but to these people, it was important.

  135. abdullah says:


  136. Brook says:

    Im 15 and i dont know what to say, this is amazing, sad, and scary, but i have one question, the article said all the organs and everything is intact and only frozen, am i talking crazy but couldnt the scientists find a way to bring her back to life, by using the thing that makes your heart start again or would that ruin the mummie? O.o

  137. Pinal Desai says:

    What were their names? We do not know but they are now little history (For me, they were kids and so I name them as little history) with big achievement from their side.
    Although they sacrificed their full life ahead just for the scientists of current era to research them. Hope the human race of today’s world learn something from them…..
    Hope their soul rest in eternal peace.

  138. Hema says:

    Its amazing to see Inca Girl frozen for 500 years ago to see its ok but traditionally it is not correct to do children to death but it is cool death without pain may their tradition seems that they will look after their villages good by putting them top of the mountain and soon…however we should respect tradition but in olden days may be they can do but according to my opinion little bit pain for me to see like this.(India)

  139. Cathy says:

    I always had an interest in ancient cultures. Mainly because they differ greatly and in some cases, as some of you have pointed out, there are similarities. It is interesting stuff.

    If you take away the fact that it was religious, the fact that these kids were frozen to death on a mountain is sad. Even if it was painless.

    But this was for religious belief. And in those times 500 years ago, religion was everything. Even if these kids were young, they would have been raised to believe in their religion. So most likely they were very willing and honored to do this.It is not like today’s standards where children pretty much believe what they want and do what they want. Because let’s face it, things have drastically changed over the last couple hundred years.

    I mean, I am almost 21 years old. my grandparents are very religious, my parents not really, and even though I was baptized, no offense to anyone out there, but I don’t care much for it. I am not going to deny the possibility of a greater being(s)but I myself wont take part in it.

    Religion today is based on freedom of choice to believe. While back then, if you didn’t believe you pretty much didn’t stand a chance. It was mandatory to take part in religious practice.

    So for all those saying that this was murder, think again from the perspective of someone in that tribe. They didn’t think it was murder but something that would benefit everyone. The village would be protected and the kids would be with their god as angels and live forever pretty much. So for them, even the kids, it was a win win situation.

    That’s my view on this. Yes, I have read all 106 comment prior to this so I have a good idea of what I am talking about. 😛

  140. Anon says:

    I think that this is a horrific discovery, although it can be seen as amazing that they are preserved so intact, it sickens me that the Incas were so deluded to think that leaving children to die on a mountain was good for their spiritual safety. I feel so sad looking at this picture. I agree with those saying that it serves as an important reminder of the evil we are capable of.

  141. Sanity says:

    #80 what do you mean appreciate! I guess you wouldn’t mind people appreciating frozen body in mueseum. If you feel so pointless about yourself be my guest. What nonsense people admiring a frozen child. If u see this as work of nature your mad, that frozen child should be buried she still a person. Well I guess because she’s dead she loses her human rights? Shocking!!!!!!

  142. titseron says:

    Something that is part of culture must not be judged by another culture. We don’t exactly know what their beliefs are, meaning, we don’t have the right to judge whether this sacrifices are right or wrong. Almost all ,if not all, civilizations in the world did the same thing, maybe in some other ways. The product of all the things they did in the past is us! Maybe, if they haven’t done those things, a different world will be of today.

  143. A. A. Otieno says:

    It seems nobody remembers what God asked Abraham(Ibrahim) to do. Do you? And how do you relate it to this story?

  144. Well,somany things has happened even worst than we can think of, but it is a past & without past there is no future!

  145. Carissa says:

    I think that children with a mindset to think this was an honor then, would have the mindset of thinking that being respected and in an exhibit such as this would be an honor now.

  146. Sal Qasi says:

    That is just wrong. :( 15 years old. Jesus had not come yet, and they couldn’t let the little girl live any longer. That is just sad. I hope she is resting in peace in heaven, and i would love to meet her there, :(. A life just thrown away.

  147. Sal Qasi says:

    Messed up on Jesus part, didnt see the amount of years, hope it is removed, but still its sad to see that Incas still believed that

  148. Ellie says:

    This is amazing! Can’t believe I only just saw this. I think what you’ve also got to remember about the culture is that they wouldn’t have lived in the lap of luxury that we live in today. They would have had tougher, shorter lives- they wouldnt have suffered as much as a modern person would. Religion is a way of understanding what we don’t know, so these sacrifices and appeasment of their gods would have been vital to them for their survival. We live much longer lives now so we value life in different ways. Additionally we are much more individualistic. This was for the good of the community and these values would be instilled in them from a very young age. so I wouldn’t worry about them suffering… Anyway, they were drunk,

  149. S khan says:

    Give them their last rights and bury them with honour

  150. Rosalie says:

    Quote – “Just think , if she hadn’t been murdered, we wouldn’t have got to see her” – Say what ? Is that supposed to make it okay. So if in a hundred years or so one of our murdered children from this century whose body is not found yet, gets discovered and is intact and put on display – That makes it okay somehow, that justifies, gives meaning to , the murder of that child. I DON’T think so. This poor child could just as easily have been photographed if neccesary and then given a decent burial. She is not an artifact she was a living person, someone’s child and deserves to be treated with respect. This is no different from the Maori bodies etc that were in museums overseas, or their heads with their moko. Thankfully most of these I believe have been brought back to New Zealand and given the burial they deserve and their honour back.

  151. David says:

    I see a lot of saying how they were abused and murdered….thats BS to them it was an honour to be chosen, they were high society kids, not some abused orphans. It was their religion, their life. the christians have mudered hundreds of people in the inquizitions but thats all right it was their life and their religion. I could go on like that with every religion but I was just making a point. They were basically drugged and drunk and went from sleep to death. They have calm poses and relaxed features not the features and poses of someone dying an agonized death. I for one am glad of the exhibit, it showed the compassion the ancients had for their sacrificial chosen. They were not restrained in anyway they were expected to die without waking. It was a noble and honorary
    death for their religion their god(s).

  152. Jo says:

    This is a great example of man involeing themsleves
    With nature and culture.
    You all need to put them back,you move there bodies
    You move there spirit!
    What is wrong with you all ( scientist).
    Im a strong beliver in afterlife and karma and you
    Mess with it and it will come ten fold back at you!
    May you interfering people get what you want from
    all of this, and honestly hope one day you will lie
    these spirits back to rest!!!!

  153. duminda alahakoon says:

    really shocked news that reminds our sacrifices of ancestors from history to the present world and brings exemplary sacrifices to us to make the better world on behalf of the future generation

  154. lina says:

    it’s hard for me to believe ths i know anything can happen in this world

  155. Erik van Rees V says:

    What gives us the right to remove the girl from the mountain? She is supposed to stay there and guard over her people. She was placed there according the beliefs of those days, which we should respect. Who are we to think we have more authority than a ancient culture?

  156. joy says:

    i wonder if any of us living would want such a thing to be done to us after we r dead! freezing a human being to death is rather cruel. anyway, everything that happens, happens for a reason, but displaying then like that is disrespectful.

    • Tatu says:

      Yeah..we can say then all that “killing ” was for nothing ..they not anymore able to do why They died for… 8-(

      Yeah ..time to put them back..we need to respect they life if we want to understand why they died such a way…

  157. Henshaw Edet says:

    I hope the very people has repented from this kind of barbaric act, this age the only true God do not required human sacrifice.

  158. Henshaw Edet says:

    rather he sacrifice his only begotten son, Christ Jesus. what a loving God.

  159. larry says:

    why sacrifice innocent children?

  160. Sabrina says:

    What needs to be done is people need to be more informed of our history so as to instances like this we are more knowledgeable. Everybody and every culture as its own religions and beliefs and traditions of their ancient people. It is up to us to value their conception on practices of their time.

    My opinion is that these children were sacrificed as y’all call it as a means for betterment of their people and their future people for a better life so that they could end hunger or whatever grief they had in their time so that it wouldn’t be pass on to future children………..

    It is my view that we as people look in to the situation as our own…… History is amazing and it is up to us to just better analyze this situations to get our own perception. To have this artifact of the children is truly wonderful because scientist can make more detailed descriptions of the pass.

  161. Naveed says:

    Criminal Act I must say… This can never be a part of divine religion. Only self made religions endorse such horrible acts…

  162. rogel escoto says:

    unbelievable,,.. there is some thing that you won’t think that it was happen already.i was conscious about the inca’s religious belief that there had sacrifice the chosen children that qualify to be a part of there tradition. my question was how does it really exist???

  163. Anna says:

    I think I feel quite uncomfortable seeing bodies only 500 years old – I’ve stayed in hotels, eaten in halls, and drunk in pubs older than that!


    poorgirl childrens

  165. paul says:

    I’d rather my children be sacrificed to the Incan gods than to the oil gods…but most Americans are too uneducated to see the parallels.

  166. JKF says:


  167. Adigwe Samuel says:

    The blood of the innocent human souls, cruelly cut short – sacrificed as appeasement to the evil gods, does it really bring the expected deliverance to the living who or for whom they were sacrifice or curses? more bondage or blessing? me think greater bondage & curses will accrue to several generations of such people until they appease the creator God with their REPENTANCE.

  168. Etalihinna says:

    I agree with #61.
    These children should be properly buried, no matter how they died. It’s insulting to put them on display!

  169. Adigwe Samuel says:

    The only kind of sacrifice we are allowed to subject our children to is to EDUCATE, TRAIN and Release them to be of great good to the society. If those folks who sacrificed those children had known that the solutions to their problems was purely scientific, they could have given those children the necessary education and training so that the children will bring the needed solutions. What a waste! what a cruelty! My inside weeps.

  170. Sarah Zimmer says:

    Where is this being displayed?

  171. Tikanga Maori says:

    In our country it would be a huge sin to show the dead in this way. Science is a wonderful world but to have them on display is wrong. they should be buried or returned to where they were found an left to rest in peace

  172. akonnor says:

    O God! what kind of punishment is this. You call this sacrifice. i hope civilization has changed ths.

  173. ollie says:

    am i the only one who has a hunch that they’re fake

  174. nuxuha says:

    she’s is so pretty… god bless that little girl

  175. AngelTorn says:

    “It happens all the time,different beliefs from a different culture.No matter whatever sacrifices you’ve done..others sacrifices their penny..sacrifices foods..sacrifices physical ability or appearance..and sacrifices life..
    But the very most important,you know how to sacrifice yourself to god..the creator of heaven and earth..not by killing yourself or your love ones..but to teach them how PRAY and believe HIM ,we are the modern prophets of lets do our sacrifices by spreading the WORDS OF GOD..

  176. Hizkiel says:

    The worst part other than the sacrifice is they froze to death while they were sleeping. Heartbreaking.God Bless them

  177. Spamm says:

    mummies return 😀

  178. prathamesh says:

    I find it interesting the way it has been told up and the culture is too very interesting.The ting that comes next would be weather it is right or wrong to sacrifice a child !!I think it is not right on one hand but on the other it could say that all the cultures have some or the other thing which relates why such sacrifices are done so it would be the most interesting thing if the whole puzzle was sort out properly.I hope that such sacrifices would not been done again in the name of culture or god.

  179. prathamesh says:

    I find it interesting the way it has been told up and the culture is too very interesting.The ting that comes next would be weather it is right or wrong to sacrifice a child!I think it is not right on one hand but on the other it could say that all the cultures have some or the other thing which relates why such sacrifices are done so it would be the most interesting thing if the whole puzzle was sort out properly.I hope that such sacrifices would not been done again in the name of culture or god.

  180. raj says:

    why don’t we go in this way… childrens went on top of Mount Llullaillaco and lost there way to home……
    and they might have fronzen….
    what evere we predit is not right ……
    things which we see from our eyes is wrong some times…… be proven..there are lot theories left behind..
    may be this child died saving…some children around them…….
    why do we blame the Early civilizations..thx u

  181. olufunso says:

    Unfurtunately this is just one out of uncountable number of innocent children that have been sacreficed to idols. If this happened 500 years ago, it is an indication that civilization has changed nothing in our perception of these so called religion dieties

  182. Saima says:

    Even though it is a historic break through and a lot to learn from, still I would say it’s very sad! Children should be cared for, looked after, guided and loved and loads more not sacrificed! I’m sorry and no disrespect to their believes but why would a God want children to be sacrificed anyway?!!! I would NEVER be able to live with myself if I ever had to do this! I love my kids to much!

  183. i believe this is murder and i believe also that it is a devil religion children are gift of true and living GOD

  184. dearborn says:

    i think all we can do is to respect this. this is their belief, if this is murder for us who are living in the modern world, for them (people from ancient civilization) it has a different meaning…

  185. Krishna says:

    It makes me feel sad seeing her in a cylinder and displayed in a museum. She spent the last 500 years being trapped in a cold place with two other helpless children. Be it a religious sacrifice or murder, I personally believe that they deserve to rest in a warm place where they can never suffer anymore. We’ve learned enough history about them and I think it is time for us to let them rest in peace.

    • Constatine says:

      Well it’s good that what you want and believe doesn’t matter here. These were good people, and still are. So why don’t keep your opinions to yourself and leave the mummies to the people and the scientist….or intellects…in other words..shut up.

  186. Tetti says:

    “For lack of knowledge my people perish, says the Lord” Whoever sacrificed this children are still paying for it in the afterlife.God Almighty detests human sacrifices,It says so in the bible.

    • Constatine says:

      They don’t believe like you do….so quit trying to force your beliefs upon others. You have NO RIGHT to judge. After the Christian crusades that killed hundreds of thousands of people..and you think you’re all high and mighty with your religion? Give me a break. Nothing but disgusting hypocrites.

  187. The only thing to do is to trust GOD. millions of miracles happen without our knowledge.Because GOD work @ the Best way for us..we do our Part also..this discovery is a proven thing..we considered the ancestors without knowledge about the true GOD the Bad false belief.Think about our self if we live 500 yrs ago @ that place..even in your place..think about 500 yrs before we exist..

    • Constatine says:

      Your fairy tale is no more believable than theirs. Christians…nothing but judgmental hypocrites. I respect Inca beliefs way more than Christians. You people try and keep down anyone that doesn’t believe like you do. You worry about abortion but you don’t worry about all the kids that are dying of starvation everyday. You think gays are the problem of society, but have no problems that slavery and the extermination of thousands of Native Americans that happened. And now you want to come here and trash the religion of these remarkable people. take a look at your own backyard before getting into others.

  188. When we talk about human lives, how do we see it. Is it just a piece of thing? Culture they said… Rap up with so much evil. This Kids were so innocent to have died this way. God have mercy. No parent will willingly give up their child for no reasons. Well, if the scientist will respect God, humanity and those children by giving them a well befitting burial, it will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Constatine says:

      Quit pushing your silly religious beliefs on these people. Since Christians are hypocrites and instigated the Crusades that killed hundreds of thousands of people…You have no room to be high and mighty…Just shut up..

  189. Cait says:

    the number of misinformed people that think that they have any right to judge the practices of the Inca astounds me. Who do you think you are? What do you think this is? These children were sacrificed. They’re dead now, and there is much to be learned about our history from their discovery. To think that the Inca didn’t know exactly what they were doing and that the children were mistreated or suffered unduly is silly. Read a book, you might learn something about respecting other cultures.

  190. Nikita Sinha says:

    this s all pretty amazing. sitting in one corner of the world at a certain point of time in history you’re totally unaware of what went on in the other side centuries back, the way they lived, the things they felt and the way they saw things.

  191. Pearly Yip says:

    Killing anybody not because of self defense or accident is wrong, especially killing innocent children….for gods??? I think those so called “gods” are actually devils in those murderers’ hearts……if you want to worship God, worship the true and only One i.e. Jesus Christ…..He died to give us eternal lives……

    • Constatine says:

      I’m going to make this a simple comment…SHUT UP. You Christians are nothing more than hypocrites, you act as if you have compassion, but you don’t. These people don’t believe in your God. And you can’t prove your God exist any better than they could with theirs. Talk about sacrifices…wow, you have a lot of nerve. The Crusades were one of the bloodiest parts of history and you have the nerve to comment on this religion and try to say that your fairy tale is more real than theirs. Just shut up…

    • Pasqualina says:

      Those Inca priests didn’t know Jesus at that time, and it’s hard for anyone who wasn’t born a Christian to change their faith.

  192. gaira says:

    4 us here we really dont believe that coz its not now the ryt way……….why did they allow the children 2 do that or maybe there the children 2 do that…………8 can also be called a brutal killing 4 the children

  193. Ross says:

    Pretty interesting. Makes me wonder what other kinds ritual sacrificial stuff lays waiting to be found?

  194. james says:

    All these ignorant people who say, “This is not OUR God’s will! MURDER!!” Don’t really understand history all that well. The Inca’s had a completely different belief structure. What they thought they were doing was The Right Thing demanded by their Gods. I think it’s strangly beautiful in away.
    I’m very glad I got to read this article..

    You should all read Aztec by Gary Jennings. Great fictional history book on that time period.

  195. Sara says:

    Wow this is amazing but I wonder if they checked her heart beat because she could be dead of maybe there still trying to defrost her body

  196. Carla says:

    Do you know how she was killed? She was hit in the side of the head which cracked her skull by her eye socket. Google it. I don’t agree with what they did I certainly wouldn’t allow that to happen to my daughter, but that said we know much more about how precious the human life is and how valuable each person is. I agree we should be allowed to see the girl, same as we want to see Tutankhamen or the mummies in Pompeii it’s the same except this girl is preservers well and gives us much much more to study and learn.

  197. harry says:

    it’s amazing..but can’t they just give her a proper funeral instead of become an item at the museum???

    • Constatine says:

      Don’t comment if you don’t understand how important of a discovery this is. Do you say that about the Egyptian mummies? Probably not. Go read a trash magazine and leave the science to the intellectuals.

  198. Dajes says:

    Doesn’t anyone have respect for the dead? I understand this is a great find but to put some ones corpse before it can even start decomposing? What the fuck. that could be someones great,great aunt. And now her body has been pulled out of the ground and put on display for everyone to gawk at. Fuck all of you, I am ashamed.

    • Constatine says:

      A better understanding of today and tomorrow is understanding our past. This is a remarkable find and by your comments, too much of one that your little feeble mind can’t handle it. I hate when simpletons try and comment on the remarkable, only to come off sounding like some low intellect high school drop out

  199. Dianne Burns says:

    sad because it sounds like they didn’t know they were going to be sacrificed. one reason I feel bad for animals that get sacrificed..they don’t know or understand whats happening to them, just like these children probably didn’t. the boy was supposedly suffocated, i wonder if he tried to put up a fight to try to escape. on another note, interested they were using cocaine so far back then. they should of gave them some weed.

  200. jonathan says:

    I watched a documentary on the same.its looked very interesting and sad at the same time.Its was so unfair for the kids as they had no chance to defend themselves.I guess it was a sin to be beautiful.

  201. mary ann says:

    This is NOT suppose to be encased like a museum piece !! This is a child, a human child. She should be buried. I understand in the scientific world this is a great find etc…well, take a dang picture or video of her and take down notes. Bury the child. It is the most honorable thing to do. This crap is the same as America descrating the burials of the Native Americas which their burials are dotted all over North America. This is like people keeping remains of Indians that they find in their back yard. Interest of sciece? Bull !! Issue here is NOT ahhh poor girl she was sacraficed….nooooo issue here is … bury her . Let her rest in piece. She is not a sculpture or a piece of art work !!! Hellooooo people !!! wake up !!!

    • Constatine says:

      Why don’t you just shut up and let science and those of us who want to understand the past learn something. Do you get this upset over the Egyptian mummies? probably not since you didn’t mention them. I despise low IQ people like yourself trying to display some sort of intellect and compassion.

  202. danna says:

    poor juanita a 15th girl and the brother and sister
    travel the salta mount llullailco so sad her little sister
    she like trap a small burde she look up poor little girl

  203. Annie Mouse says:

    Do you really think these children would have walked for hundreds of miles, through conditions we can only imagine, if it weren’t an incredible honour in their culture? The beer and coca leaves (the plant that is, in modern times, synthesized to create cocaine) indicate they were anesthetized as well as possible in their time. It’s very likely they died in their sleep. If there was pain, the likelihood of preservation appearing this peaceful, instead of in a rictus of pain/ suffering, is much more slim.

    We don’t know the parents found it an easy choice, any more than Abraham found the sacrifice of Isaac simple – they were doing what was dictated by their belief system, just as Solomon and Moses and all Biblical men did, too.

  204. Adeoye says:

    It is barbaric and against the commandment of God (Thou shall not kill). It was cheer child abuse. It happens mostly in Asia and Africa. The girl look so fresh. GOD!!!

    • Constatine says:

      Quit trying to impose your religious beliefs on others. I swear, Christians are the most annoying people. Constantly trying to force their beliefs where they are neither wanted nor needed. These people had different beliefs than you, as far as they are have have it all wrong. And there is no way that you can prove your God is more believable than their God.

    • Constatine says:

      That’s your God…Not hers. No wonder Christians come across so annoying. Always thinking they are right when they can’t prove their GOD is any more real than others. I tell you what’s barbaric …..The Crusades were barbaric. So maybe you shouldn’t talk.

  205. what ever is it that interesting…every one deserves a proper burial..after all that they’ve been tru..being put as a sacrifice is too much..i still think they deserve what we think is best for us when were gone..a proper burial…cause let me ask u guys…where do u wish of your body to be taken when your gone??

    • Blabber Bubble Fish says:

      Yah right. That was a total torture. She’s been killed as a sacrifice. And now being displayed to public as part of an exhibit. Can’t even stand to see her like that.


  206. Romi says:

    wow, it’s amazing what they do to sacrifice to there gods there day. why not just send a animal in stead of a human being poor child freezing to death. i wonder what her parents did, did they just give her up or did they put up a fight.

  207. constance says:

    Imagine sitting alone in a vast emptiness thinking to yourself “This is where I will die. Just close my eyes and die here.”

    That’s horrible. Rest in peace wherever you are now.

  208. Blabber Bubble Fish says:

    Maybe she could still be revived using small amount of electricity to make her heart beat again.. But it should be done while her blood is being thawned. So IMPOSSIBRUUUUUU! LOL

  209. Cayenne says:

    Gods never mentioned anything about sacrificing, Gods bring us peace, happiness and joy………….we should not have any selfishness, hatre and greed, let us all heal our world!

  210. Obiba says:

    Do we get any slight evidence of the evolution theory from these mummies? At least they are about 500 years and if there is any such thing like evolution they should look a little different from today’s kind – because we should be evolving continually into something else.

  211. amado pal m. benares says:

    well well well. discoveries may have enriched our knowledge of the past. . . but a grim reminder to spain on why they killed this civilization. . .

    • Daffodil says:

      Listen, the Spanish Conquistadores claimed they went there to spread the Christian faith, but how come they didn’t do that freely? How come they were taking the gold from those people, and their lands, and they enslaved the natives to extract the gold from the mines and to do other heavy work, killing them or exploiting them to death? Ah, Jesus Christ was a good excuse: they had to excuse themselves somehow and Jesus was an excellent excuse. Just hipocrits. Just like the Incas who sacrificed their children, those Spanish were blinding themselves into thinking that something so cruel was just good

  212. Joshua Diaz says:

    These mummies would be excellent candidates for a process known as plastination in which the moisture in the bodies is replaced with a silicone composite using a special chemical bath. They will be perfectly preserved without the need for refrigeration and will last much longer than in their current state. Hundreds of years even.

  213. Ella says:

    You guys need to shut up sure she should be buried but this mummy is giving us an insight into the life of the Incas its giving us a view into one of the most amazing (in my opinion) cultures to ever exist so stop being racist, ignorant and rude and grow up

  214. Lolo says:

    Wow shes freaky but im so sad for her… i wonder how she felt when they announced they were gonna sacrifice her!?

  215. Azie says:

    Wow i can’t believe that they would kill a 15 year old teenager i feel so sorry for her!! :(

  216. Azie says:

    it amazing that her parents would give her away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  217. judiann says:

    It is disrespectful to rob graves.

  218. Franky says:

    Do any of you realize how long ago this was? How far off a civilization this was from ours? How primitive they might have been compared to us? Should we bash Dinosaurs for killing each other because by today’s standard it’s considered murder? Or should we be realistic and understand that these are people who were still learning the basics of human life. Please stop with the nonsense, this didn’t happen 3 weeks ago on a NY sidewalk.

    • Franky says:

      Life and Death were not as shocking to them as it is to us. Some of these people would voluntarily walk into a sacrifice because of their beliefs. Was it right/wrong who knows? But this is what life was like back then, and there. Learn from it, embrace it, there is absolutely no point in complaining about this lol.

  219. Phoenix Rising says:

    We cannot judge from our perspective the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ of the whole idea of human sacrifice in the Inca or any other ancient non-European culture.
    The Catholic Church’s glorification of ‘Holy Martyrs’ is, in effect, human sacrifice just as much as these children are. They are ‘angels’ or ‘messengers’ to Deity, and as such, were invoked by their people just as Saints are still invoked and prayed to for intercession.
    Is it ‘real’? – who knows – every religion is ‘real’ to it’s believers, and deserves respect. IMO, these children’s bodies should never have been moved from their mountain Holy site. It is disrespectful both to the children and their descendents, as well as the Deity they worshiped.

  220. Owen says:

    99% of these comments seem to be made by 15 year old Jesus freaks. Get off your high horses people. This is ancient history. The civilization that these people belonged to is long dead and gone. They are now just a big chunk of frozen leather. There is no abomination going on here. There is no disrespect. There is no, nor was any, child abuse. If you can’t wrap your head around it and see that it was a beautiful important event in these people’s culture, you need to read a book or two. You need to study ancient cultures and modern cultures. You should probably read that bible you like to quote as well. Like really read it.

  221. DougWright says:

    Dr. Miremont shows a kind of respect that is not found in U.S.. We have many human remains on display and in storage, I don’t sense the same sensitivity. Isn’t it awful though that Christians destroyed this devotion, for the regular caring for children? Not really, for as beautiful as their culture was, it didn’t have the conscience that will lead us into the next half of humanity.

  222. Ktizzle says:


  223. amal says:

    سبحان الله شيئ لايصدق

  224. tony norris says:

    Isn’t it a little ironic that those who would speak for Christ judge an ancient culture who sacrifice a few people during the pursuit of their beliefs and yet in the name of Christ millions worldwide have been slaughtered with a clear conscience [including many of the very tribe in question] ?

  225. Leslye says:

    My heart just goes out to those beautiful children. They left this world without the warm loving arms of a loved one. They were sent into eternity cold and alone. And we stare and wonder and question. Do the children truly rest in peace?

  226. […] المصدر مع التفاصيل يمكتك نشر الموضوع:ShareFacebookTwitterEmailStumbleUponDiggRedditPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  227. Lina Salim says:

    I think the children should have been kept in the mountains and scientists could have carried out their work there, and just release pictures for the rest of us to see and admire.
    As humans, we respect religious beliefs as well as cultural traditions that differ from our own why should this change for ancient Inca’s beliefs/traditions?

    For some reason I felt the need to share the below:
    This is such an amazing discovery but what is so shocking to me is that I’ve just knew about this and it seems like 500 years ago that the rest of the world knew about this discovery!
    I can not believe all news reporting in the middle east kept this unpublished since 2008! What else happened since then that I do not know of. I feel sad & left out.

  228. really…
    god is great
    my god!
    you’re in my heart…

  229. Molly says:

    “There is no, nor was any, child abuse. If you can’t wrap your head around it and see that it was a beautiful important event in these people’s culture, you need to read a book or two”

    Are you KIDDING me?

    Just because an entire culture condones killing someone doesn’t make it okay. (See: The Holocaust.) I will accept that they likely didn’t know any better, (religion has a funny habit of wiping out common sense and warping our ideas of right and wrong) but there’s a huge difference between “ignorant” and “ethical”. If political correctness has gotten to the point where we can accept murder on the basis of “religious beliefs,” we’re in a sorry state indeed.

  230. Lauren says:

    in my opinion, it was a social norm back then for this to happen. They were drugged and then sacrificed. it is nothing we can do about it now they are already gone. we dig up egyptian mummies all the time and no one ever has an issue with that. they froze to death. they most likely knew what would happen to them. if the local people really have an issue with it then they’ll ask for the children back. the archaeologist asked the natives first before taking the children. it was their decision .let it be. this is an amazing discovery for science. it gives us more insight into cultures before modern times.

  231. the egyptian says:

    Sleeping Beauty

  232. Dorj says:

    She was wearing mongolian national clothes

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  234. Daffodil says:

    Let God judge or condemn those human sacrifices if He will, for, who are we to judge? Is anyone good here? Is anyone perfect? Does anyone do anything thinking that it’s not the right thing? “Nobody is good but God alone”, Jesus said

  235. Daffodil says:

    “Whoever is angry with his brother, that is a murderer” – Jesus

  236. carl pierce says:

    Isn’t religion wonderful….those poor kids
    At least they weren’t mutilated and tortured to death as the catholic church of the time was apt to do to anyone who disagreed with it. If the religious ever manage to drag us back into the dark ages of their Jesus/Allah/ mumboo jumbo myths expect more of this.

  237. sheedh says:

    Why is everyone playing the card of religion? This is a crime man, poor girl was frozen to death. Down with stupid beliefs and sacrifices.

  238. Dydra Maldoran says:

    So it all boiled down to religion… Them if that is the case her soul has left the physical you should not get caught up on the physical… I’m just happy that they decided that three bodies was enough and did go on to desecrate other burial sites. At least that is showing that the scientific community in Argentina respects customs and rituals and can come to some kind of compromise with the natives in the region. If they can respect other cultures you should too once again your Christian beliefs are so imbedded in you’s that you can’t come to respect other cultures and customs there you go judging without trying to understand maybe you’s should finish what the conquistadores started…Live forever Doncella…

  239. Manuel G. Bayug Jr. says:

    I want to say something to everyone who are interconnected with this topic, “even whatever they want to do, are we going to compromise or not?” It is a matter of choice if we don’t want to believe to what the HOLY SCRIPTURE says; and it is also a matter of consequence of what are the things we do when we are on earth. Just live your life in the manner of what you want! not to criticize the HOLY SCRIPTURE!

  240. gullu rupu says:

    lets do the harlem shake….lol

  241. William Salyers says:

    It is so disappointing to me that, 500 years after this healthy young girl was murdered by religion, most of the posts here are still debating which religion – which “gods” – should have priority over her corpse. As a species, we sure don’t learn much, do we?

  242. Passionetpain says:

    Glad i keep an open mind nice they found them but should have left them ….Glad i trust that we have a God cause we did not make our self’s.. and refuse to close my mind and trust in what man says or the Bible cause we really don’t know what is right or wrong man lies..

  243. Yanna says:

    What I find most interesting about her is how people feel they have a right to make it about themselves. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but do they have a right to take that child away from her icy grave? She was there for a reason. I understand how we can learn from her, but I think it would be best to put her back once they’ve taken samples. She lost her life for her beliefs… not to be show cased and judged by every Tom Dick And Harry.

  244. Cassandra says:

    This is horrible shes freezing I say get her out of the tank and give the poor girl a proper burial and for god sakes give her a blanket don’t u think shes sufferd enough? you all are sick if u want to look at a dead body or not its disrespectful to place a body on display so the next person can get off on archeological things. you people discussed me I can agree with taking photos for showing then burying her but to put her in another freezer is down right wrong and I cant stomach this! her soul will prob come back to haunt all of you nasty people!

  245. Acacia says:

    I personally would be intrigued to stand before her. But I think she should, eventually, be returned to her resting place, to honour her and her people and their beliefs.

  246. Renee says:

    Farm animals lose their lives everyday due to the beliefs of the masses that they need meat to survive..or merely crave the flavour

  247. Valeria says:

    She do not belong in a Glass Please put her Back to where you find her she was a Gift given back to God and He will return her back to you! But out of Respect you should return she to her Place of Rest.

  248. Amanda says:

    I think they should be put back. That was their grave. They need to put them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Hope K says:

    It is very sad that they did not know about the one true God and that they practicably murdered their children. It breaks my heart.

  250. Mr Anderson says:


    It is 2013. The idea of GOD and the lie that is ALL religions should be long gone by now. People are much more intelligent and more prone to think for themselves these days.

    If you need a book full of contradictions, blatant lies and an over all ignorance-spreading theory to get through your day to day life then so be it.

    But don’t publicly talk about it.

    It’s pretty sad for the rest of us free thinking, rational minded people that know how much pain and suffering has been dealt out over the course of our history because of such nonsense.

    Back on topic: I think they should put her back where they found her. And I am insulted and disgusted by what has transpired here. Anything for a buck, right?

  251. Mr Anderson says:

    Oh and don’t forget to pray for me… /sarcasm

  252. Mr Anderson says:

    Also, I can guarantee you this girl would not have been frozen to death (willingly, I might add) had the deadly beast that is religion not been a part of her culture.

    The things people do in the name of their GOD makes them monsters. It’s quite pathetic.

  253. Regina says:

    that’s sad how they have this young person’s body on display, no respect to her whatsoever, how rude! They just go and remove her from where she was, what or who gave them that right?

    Whatever the ritual or sacrifice, each to their own beliefs, other’s opinions on how they did things 500 years ago is irrelevant, no one should be removing or undoing anything from from which those beliefs were honored and practiced, like the Egyptians, tombs are sealed for a reason, leave things as they are!

  254. Muhammad Sohail says:

    try to read the explination of the
    holy Quran
    You will find the answer of any
    question about why God created us
    and what we should do in this little
    life and about the life after death

  255. Stephanie Lemke says:

    I just don’t think it is right for her or the two children to be on display in a museum. I believe they should be put back where they were found and be left to rest. Religion has nothing to do with it….its about respect for human rights….Open you mind to the possibility that your not the only person in this world…and that there are many religions, beliefs, and people besides you and yours. Respect life, and death the same.

  256. Levi says:

    “The things people do in the name of their GOD makes them monsters. It’s quite pathetic” – Quoting Mr. Anderson..

    Having the ability to look back at selective events, in previous generations, times, or from your own personal experiences- and create sweeping generalizations from them, might not be a good argument or, in fact, even a relevent statement.

    Most “religious” people, who believe in “GOD”, have, or have had direct interection with their god through prayer, (some being answered), family suddenly getting cured of a cancer when its scientificly impossible a tumor could dissapear overnight, fulfilled prayer requests that were so far-fetched- the only person they told was their god… but yet it still happened, the cancer how is that so? Science? Luck? I think not. Believing in a higher power is at minimum, recognizing us futile humans…full of mistakes, sins, wrong decisions and a whole lot of assumptions; simply believe there has to be something greater that created what we call humanity.

    Now, what would be absurd, would to think it all happened in a random explosion…Think harder, don’t agree with the masses and the politcally correct society you are fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find out for yourself what you believe inside your heart. And yes, God gave his only begotten son so we all could have eternal life with him in heaven..those that chose and accept him as lord and saviour. At least I know where I’m going…is it so worse than thinking your doomed to rotting in the ground after you’ve been thrown in a casket to rot. NO thanks, I guess I’ve been lucky enough to see the light early. Thank you God, I would hate to know thats what I live everyday for!!!

    I push my views on no one, however, my opinion and beliefs are as good as anyones here. Take care everyone!

  257. Lynette says:

    Guys, come on.

    Sacrifice was an honour in their religion, right? THEIR culture did not see it as murder, or a crime. However, the fact remains that it was a murder. It is a FACT. How is it a fact? Basic human rights. Your life is valued. And that is not a religious view, it applies for everyone.

    It doesn’t matter what their intentions were, or whether they believed these children were messengers, it was still wrong. If you are a Christian and the Bible says that sacrificing your child will allow them to watch over us from the clouds, you would be wrong to sacrifice them. Even if you have no intentions of murder. Even if the Bible says it’s not wrong.

    No matter how you look at it – Christian, Muslim or atheist – it is a fact that it was murder. Religion clouds people’s judgement. I’m not insulting their religion, I’m just saying that what they did was wrong, IT IS A FACT.

    This is a comment made by ‘Natalie’:

    “My heart aches for these children. Even if their society thought it was an honor to be killed, that doesn’t make it okay. Truth is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Killing people is wrong, that is a truth that society’s laws cannot change. We all come into this world with a conscience, a little voice inside our heads that tells us right from wrong regardless of cultural differences, truth is universal you cannot change God’s laws. It is truly heart breaking when a society stops listening to that voice that leads them to do what is right, and continues down that path until they are so dilusional, that they would consider murder an honor.”

    Yep. This person said it all.

  258. Lynette says:

    And why are people jabbing at ‘Christians’? It is not just Christians that think it was murder. Talking about being judgemental…you are assuming that if people didn’t like what the Incans did, they are Christians.

    “Someday all the Christians will be the Archeological find and displayed disgracefully and people will say how ignorant they were. And how heartless there God was to require his sons blood and all the people who died, tortured and was mutilated for the cause. They are taught fear to question common sense.”

    You are no better than the Christians who put down the Incan’s religion. How dare you? How dare you disrespect this religion, when you so enthusiastically defended another? This is a total double-standard. You say we should have respect for everyone’s beliefs. Are you not stomping on one’s religion?

  259. Cheryl says:

    I find it interesting that in all this talk about mummies, unless I missed any, only a couple of people brought up the Egyptian mummies. And no one seemed to mention the mummies found and studied and displayed from other cultures. The vast majority of people in the world don’t seem to have much problem with those mummies being studied and displayed. My personal opinion is that it is always beneficial to learn from the past, regardless of your religious beliefs. It is a choice to visit te museums where any mummy is displayed. If you don’t like it, don’t go. And for the record, I do have religious beliefs, but I refuse to make any of this a discussion on religion. History is history. Period.

  260. Hamid says:

    it’s so amazing and unbelievable, but, it’s clear that Allah “j” can anything possible …

  261. Hamid says:

    It’s amazing and unbelievable, but, it’s clear that Allah”j” can everything possible…

  262. Dorraine Labelle says:

    This is a child and her life was taken from her, and if scientist thinks they can get answers from the past great but for how long do they need her ? displaying her not sure what purpose or useful that would be ? after they were done exploring a child that was killed for religious beliefs put her back where they have found her or give her a proper place to rest. O and this has nothing to do with my religion this is just what I would like if that was my daughter you dig up in 500 years

  263. Layman says:

    Don’t talk the Allah nonsence here. Nature is unique and it has its own ways and if you try you can understand. Don’t put your narrow minded arguments here. Its all Allah or Jesus or some other Gods wish to be kept like that.

    The real followers of Quran are bombing people all over the world and blowing themselves for the 65 virgins after life. Not sure the number though.

    Before implicating everything to alla and invite everybody to ready Quaran first you guys dare to change the practitioners. Do you dare to do that?

  264. Nellie says:

    So what are we to learn about this murder victim? Thats all she is. Anyone that thinks this is part of some beautiful religious rite is insane. She had some coca leaves stuck on her mouth (that is where cocaine comes from) and was drunk when she died. They had to get her so messed up and blind drunk so so they could leave her there to freeze to death. Freezing as a way to die is extremely painful, when you are drunk, you still feel it, you just cant move.

    So tell me what is this telling us that we did not already know about the Incas civilization? Absolutely nothing new, except how deluded they were.

    She should be buried someplace where she can be honored decently, not by a murderous, misguided religious cult. And these people have the nerve to get offended, they should be ashamed of what their ancestors used to do to children. It should be part of the history books but not glorified. The holocaust is remembered but not glorified.

  265. Neptune says:

    These children should be returned to the Mountain to where they came from. God never ask anyone to sacrifice a loved one for him or will never do so what ever your belief is (the OLD Testament is wrong). Life was created for one reason only, for us to cherish it and love one an other. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is to materialized and field of hatred. No one knows what it was like 500 years ago, we weren’t there. I feel heart broken that these poor children our being exploited and tested on, this should be against the law. Returned these children, they have suffered enough.

    Peace all.

  266. no god for me says:

    I do not believe. I think we should respect the death of these children and the reason for it. Sure they didn´t die for nothing.
    If no-one of us is believing in the same god/s as these children, their families and their ancient society, we shouldn´t talk about ANY gods here at all…cause we don´t know.
    All the religions have had their times when cruelty has been “ok”, so I just think we should learn to accept that this has happened.

    The best thing after these “road-shows” is to respect the dead and return them to their graves. Just like we would love to be done if in 500years from now our maybe frozen bones would be shown to the public.
    Watch, study and learn but be respectful enough to let them go back to the peace they deserve.

  267. Anonymous says:

    This makes my heart ache. :(

  268. Anonymous says:

    Although it was seen as an honor to be chosen, it is so sad because we know that’s nothing but a big fat lie. These children were used. Shameful and disgusting how museums want to display their corpses. RIP

  269. Sonya says:

    Half of you people on here should stop talking out of your back sides.

    Clearly most you all are not educated enough to understand that this corpse is 500years old. These infact are my ancestors so who practiced their own beliefs and should be respected by any religion. This “sacrifice” has nothing to do with the new age, nor does it compare to any monotheistic/polytheistic religion. SO PLEASE DO NOT PREACH ISLAM/CHRISTIANITY or any form of religion on a dead corpse.

    It is bad enough that these scientists think it’s funny to dig up 3 corpses and put them in a museum. For someone like me, who directly descends from the Inca bloodline… I find anything on this page offensive from the research and by people on here who think they know everything. Go back to hell 😀

    Thank you everyone else who supports beliefs similar to mine.

  270. april says:

    Given the immense amount of responses to this article, I would say that it has made a profound impact on a multitude of individuals. In this respect, it has been a success no matter the differences of opinion. In addition to their initial sacrifice, these children are continuing to be a gift not only to their people, but to the entire planet. Through education and experience, we as a species on this planet are able to evolve. This museum provides us with a very clear example of the mindset of humans at this time and shows how far we have evolved since then. Despite the religious debate, how wonderful is it that we are alive at a time where the idea of sacrificing a child is preposterous no matter what the religion. Although the religious arguments on here show how far we have yet to come, I have great hope in my species to continue to evolve. Our survival depends upon our ability to love. Thank you to these children and the entire team that provided the world with physical proof that we are succeeding in becoming a species that can love.

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