Spanish Team Discovers Lost Ruins of Inca Guerrillas

posted on October 24th, 2015 in Andes Mountains, Incas, Recent Discoveries

Vilcabamba Ruins

Map of the Inca Empire and location of discovery

A team of Spanish explorers and scientists, using satellite imagery, discovered in mid-September a previously unknown Inca site some 150 miles north of Cusco. Using computer imaging software, the expedition reached a mountain top and discovered some 50 structures and an Incan cemetery complete with skeletal remains. In addition, near the summit, the team discovered structures that resemble those involved in human sacrifice, or capacocha, found elsewhere in the Andes. According to the team, it’s possible that the site was used by Incas after the initial conquest of the Inca Empire by Francisco Pizarro, during the period of nearly forty years when a rump empire of Inca guerrillas existed in the Vilcabamba area. In 1572, the Spaniards invaded Vilcabamba, captured the final Inca emperor, and beheaded him in the main square in Cusco.

Published in El Pais, you can read more about the Spanish expedition here.

Inca ruins discovered in Vilcabamba Mountains in Peru

Discovery site in Peru’s Vilcabamba Mountains